Friday, May 23, 2008

out of the corner of her eye

Serena wasn't sure what was getting in to her. She was happy. It was this radiating sunshine with in. Serena couldn't stop smiling. She wasn't sure how long it would last. Didn't even care to evaluate it. But she'd met someone and though, he really hadn't done anything. It was just the fact he was there. And she wanted to know more. She just needed his company, and she was beginning to think it might take drastic measure for Gordy to know this.

She was cleaning down the coffee bar when she spotted him. She didn't know him, but she swore it was Gordy when in fact it wasn't. It was unbelievable. Perhaps everyone was beginning to look like Gordy. Could that be a bad thing?

"What can I get you?" She smiled knowing there was no tip here. He was just a high school boy, but it didn't matter. He was a customer.

"Just coffee." He nodded as if his thoughts were else where.

"You're sure. You look like you could use an apple pie." She told him.

He almost grinned, but then he didn't. She got his coffee, pushed a few creamers toward him and waited. She kept smiling and staring.


"Do you have a brother?" She asked first.

"Yeah, but he's not around much." He shrugged putting cream in his coffee, stirred and drank as if he needed to wake up.

"Funny. But honestly, you look so much like this guy I've been seeing," Serena said. "Actually, its only been one date, but its so uncanny how much you look like him. You could be his little brother."

"Could I?" He didn't look amused.

"Is anything wrong?" She watched him take another sip of coffee.

"I don't know." He shook his head. "I thought I'd found the one. But maybe she's having second thoughts."

"Are you?"

"Of course not." He smiled with a sigh. "I fucking love this girl, and I swear I'd do anything she told me to do. You know, maybe I'm just giving her too much power, and I gotta start making her want me, again. Something like that." She could see he was in thought. Heavy thoughts about that girl.

Serena turned away. Maybe he had a point. Maybe she was making things too easy for Gordy. But then again, maybe he didn't care. She thought a part of her heart might rip out of her and fall on the floor flapping around like a fish out of water.

Why did this make her so sad? She was almost engaged once, but then she was sure he only felt sorry for her, and then when she looked at her hand.... immediately, she knew what it was. She scared Gordy. Completely. This shocked pained her deeply.

She looked back at the high school boy at the counter. He hadn't even noticed. Not really. But as it was, she was either completely invisible to the world or people just couldn't stop staring at the freak show.


Victoria said...

You are a good writer! It was nice reading!

What countrey are you from? Can you understand what i write on my blog? Since you commented

Cate said...

what a strange encounter...

ellie said...

I like Serena..interesting scene.

sophia said...

i am in like with your's good!

Anonymous said...

I bet it was Rosco.

Am I right?? :D

It's just that... he looks like Gordy (well, he should I guess) and he has the exact same problem the guy described with Emilie.

Or maybe I just watch too much CSI.

I loved this. :D
Have a great weekend

Angie hearts said...

nice read, but some how the story feels sad (:

Sugar Pop said...

thanks a lot!!!!

Anonymous said...

I just posted how the trip went :)
Thanks for the reply! :D

Cate said...

now i'm even more curious how the story goes on, as you told me in your comment the encounters would get even stranger!! KEEP ON WRITING!!
have a nice saturday night.

Angie hearts said...

Ah! I really enjoyed reading it! Looking forward to the next story!
Link you on my page so I will remember to come back!

Shenell Keanna said...

thanks for all the comments you left!
normally, i would've thanked you way before but it's a busy school year. but thanks for linking me, too. i like the name, hayden, too!
that reminds me, for my new story i'll be only posting every two weeks, at least.

taffy. said...

This is cool!
haha, yeah, care to link?

Danz said...

Ouu...I like it. Really interesting read! Thanks for checking out my blog, I've linked you :)

Ivy said...

Serena...I feel for her.

just Ivy said...

Can't wait for more.

madalena said...

I had never heard about "yoav" but thanks to you I've discovered it with pleasure !

I love this kind of music!!

Thanks a lot ;]

kiss kiss !!!