Wednesday, June 11, 2008


He might be the run of the mill pothead, but he's given shelter to Bella since she's left Kal.

Its hard to say if he's good for Bella or not, but she's probably a good thing for him. He repairs all sorts of guitars. Perhaps he hasn't exactly proven his true talents yet.

As it turned out, he married Bella and moved to Kansas with her. However, he has had to learn to drive. He just might be a bread winner after all or just stock bread at the grocery store.


molly said...

"run of the mill pothead"
mm i like the sound of that! haha

Siljesfashion said...


Anonymous said...

Welcome to this amazing story, Fish! x)
I'm ridiculous, never mind.

One BIG Mesh said...

I'm new to your blog but it looks really cool. And the run of the mill pothead sounds funny

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