Thursday, May 29, 2008

teenage romances

Emily tracked down Rosco at the arcade. She had to call his mother to find out where he'd gone.

"Have you been avoiding me?" She was perturbed that Rosco had neglected to call her every night like he said he would.

"Aren't you avoiding me?" He replied back.

She wasn't going to talk to him in the dark with all the noise. They'd have to go out into the sunshine and talk. She waited outside for him, but he was taking his time. Emily kept her arms crossed, wishing she was anywhere but here. Wishing someone would pick up their damn phone ever once in while. She'd left a dozen messages for her sister, even a few e-mails, but she was pretty sure her sister wasn't anywhere near a computer to e-mail her. Gordy was just as bad. How many times she did she have to say she was sorry.

This was beginning to ware her down. She felt as if she might go crazy, or do something she'd hate for anyone to find out about.

"What is it?" He looked about as innocent as a stray puppy.

"You. You make me.." She didn't know what she wanted to say. "How can I count on you? How do I know if you'll be there for me!" She was frazzled or perhaps on a brink of an episode of some kind.

"Maybe we should just sit in the car." He sighed. So she noticed that he'd noticed the tension. They walked to his car, sat in the front seat.

"I don't mean to cause you any pain," he said. "I'm not the one-"

She just stared at him about to burst into tears, but before he could say another word, there she was coming over, unzipping his jeans. Her hand in his pants, touching him. He glared at her.

"STOP!" He edged away putting his hands between his legs, "Are you on something? Fuck, its broad daylight! There are kids all around here." He cringed.

"I just thought," she started.

"You weren't thinking," he winced. "Can't you get it in your head I don't want a slut for my girlfriend. I want somebody who wants me around for the most part. Who wants to be a part of my life."

She couldn't believe he said that. She sat back on the passenger side with her arms crossed.

"I thought it was you who thought I was being, I don't know, needy or whatever," he said. "But its you. Its all you. And I don't think we should see each other until you can figure out a better equation."

"Don't say that." She looked away, across the parking lot. "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"I want to be with you, I do. I just feel to much. I guess." She shrugged.

"OK, you're good. You are like sexy, like I never thought sexy would be, but thats just a part of it, you know. I don't want you freaking out on me when there is a whole lot more to it than the sex stuff. You gotta chill, Em." He looked at her then.

She had to stop thinking about Gordy. She had too. Bitter tears filled her eyes. She knew he wasn't going to speak to her. Those days were over.

Rosco reached for her then. His fingers went through her dark hair. His lips touched the side of her face. "I know I love you, I'm just waiting to hear you say it."


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Rosco, what's he gonna do with that emily?

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nice to read
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good read.. i like these kind of short stories!