Wednesday, June 25, 2008

6 quirky things TAGGED!



i was tagged by cady lola .

Here are the rules:
- Link the person who tagged you.
- Mention the rules in your blog.
- Tell about 6 funky quirks of yours.
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Here goes...just 6 quirky things about me. (my characters)

1. Gordy - favorite meal mustard and onion sandwiches .

2. Bella - she likes to only brush her teeth with cold water and soda .

3. Emily - she knows every jesse mcCartney song but hates to admit it .

4. Rosco - slept with his Mom until he was ten because he was afraid to sleep alone. he then slept with his brother until he left home .

5. Fish - he really wishes there was a nudity day for earth day, but he's content sleeping with the nude instead .

6. Carrie - she keeps changing her major. she'd like to be a chef that cooks for pets .

6 people
1. sara
2. taffy
4. syd
5. liv


Diana Coronado said...

Jejeje, greetings !!, i was passin' for ur blog cuz i saw it in Kira´s blog.

Diana Coronado said...

Oh she got wonderful links and a gorgeous blog

autumn said...

haha. that's cool. =D