Thursday, June 12, 2008


Rosco couldn't make his foot stop moving while Emily was going over details with Gordy's Mom about taking the basement and giving it a makeover.

"We'll do all the work. If you let us live here for free, we'll do it all." Emily was quite convincing, but Rosco felt faint. What was she doing? What was she expecting?

There was the last day of school. What would he tell his Mom? That he was going away to summer camp with a girl?

Rosco stared at the perspiring iced tea at the kitchen table. He thought maybe he was dreaming. It might be a nightmare at that.

He saw how the woman looked him over. She thought he was a lazy bum. A careless teenager who needed a place to crash.

Rosco could hardly breathe. He picked up the glass and started drinking, hoping it wouldn't slip from his hands and crack on the floor.

Emily's lips kept moving. Rosco stopped listening after awhile. He knew what she wanted to do tonight.

"Canada? Who gets married in Canada?" He slightly cringed thinking about her idea.

"Gay people, and us," she told him. "Gay people and us ", he kept hearing her words over and over.

He'd stolen his mother's first engagement ring from a sailor she never married. He didn't think she'd miss it because she'd never even wore it. It just stayed in her jewelry box. She always said her mother hated him. Here he was about to give Emily an engagaement ring with possible not even a real diamond in it. Rosco didn't mean to fake his way through this, but it was the best he could do.

Rosco still couldn't speak. Gordy's mother was going to actually let this happen. She said they could have the place. She needed the company. Rosco tried to smile, but it hurt too much. All he could do was squirm. He wasn't sure who was more crazy. Emily, or being in love with Emily.


ellie said...

Rosco, what has he gotten himself into?

rohit said...

how was your day
new setup of the blog.
i mean new images good graphics designing.

Rosco tried to smile.
this point is best part of your today post. i like it alot.
bye god bless you

Cate said...

rosco and emily are getting MARRIED? but they're only teenagers, aren't they? emily IS crazy.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Wow. That's moving pretty quickly. Oy.

Can't wait for more.

autumn said...

lol. they're both crazy for me. i was actually thinking about what cate said. *grins*

Sugar Pop said...

what's wrong with canada??? haha, kidding. but, really, we're not all gay and emily + rosco. ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, they are NUTS xD
And Rosco is about to have cold feet about it...

Oh my God, I still can't believe this is really happening, so exiting though!

"Gay people and us" Haha, that was so funny!