Sunday, July 20, 2008

some things never change

"You're living with a guy named Fish?" Gordy was ready to shit his pants. Why had he been so damn nice to her, he thought as Bella told him about Fish over the phone.

"That really sucked about Kal leaving you and everything, but do you think it was wise, you know, to just move in with a stranger?" He listened to her go on about not judging her and more crap he had listen to while trying to get the dishes washed and Jane fed.

"Well, I met someone too," Gordy decided this was as good as anytime to tell her. "No, I'm not making it up. Somebody actually wants to be with me." Why did she find that so damn hard to believe? And suddenly his mind went blank. He couldn't think of Serena's name. He felt his throat tighten, and he really thought maybe he was loosing his short term memory. His heart thumbed in his throat. "Her- her name- its Serena." Thank God he remembered. "And Jane really likes her, B, she loves her."

Of course, Bella took it that the only reason Gordy was seeing Serena was because Jane liked her.

If he spoke to her much longer it was going to end up in an argument.

"You have to shut up. I have to shut up. I'll get your goddamn phone in the mail, tomorrow." He slapped the phone shut and went to clean up Jane.

"Please, please tell me you'll ever be a brat, Jane." He wiped her hands, her face and let her out of the high chair.

The phone rang.

Gordy picked up, Bella was calling back.


"I'm pregnant."


"Don't worry, its not yours."

"I didn't think it could be," Gordy sighed. "So?"

"I haven't told Kal."

"And that's my job?"

"I just thought somebody should know."

There was a long silence.

"I'll mail the phone to you, tomorrow."

"Make sure it gets here tomorrow."

"All right." Gordy hoped she wasn't counting on it.


Dapper Kid said...

Oh snap the 'I'm pregnant' was quite a shocker! And if he can't remember her name, he's obviously not that into her!

autumn said...

i don't get it. are they just trying to be honest to each other? lol. but argh. i feel bad for both of them. are there any chances to have them back in each other's arms? lol. just wondering. *grins*

simon n' josh said...

I liked this conversation. Somehow it showed their true colors..especially, toward each other.

Jules said...

This story is really sad. :( Just like simon n'josh stories. :(


Liz said...

I thought for sure he'd be surprised over the whole "I'm pregnant" thing. lol.

Cady Lola Cep said...

Haaaaaaa. Gordy sure is a hell of a lot more patient than I am. And Bella's kind of bitchy.

taffy. said...

oh dear.

Anonymous said...

oh wow oh wow oh bella pregnant???

Jules said...

I need to read the previous posts! =)