Monday, August 4, 2008

high school confesssions

Emily hated the thought of school starting up in a few weeks. She'd talked to this girl who had gotten her GED while at registration. It sounded so easy.

"Well, its been a lot of work with a baby and all. I got to start this internship at the library for one of youth programs and now its turned into a full blown job. So yeah, it paid off." Rachel didn't see her baby much anymore, either. She was in the hospital a lot because Rachel had decided to dye her hair pink a month or so before her baby was born.

"I just didn't think it would harm her or anything, you know. I mean, I thought, how cool, I'm having a girl. I want pink hair to be the first thing she sees. I was kind of high back then too. I don't know. But she's in the hospital now and she's got a few problems."

Emily wanted to scream at her, but as it was Rachel was the only girl around at the school who would talk to her during registration. Everyone else around seemed to think she was a compulsive liar.

Emily, scratched her arms instead. Had it come to this? Just the low-lives at school would be the only ones to have anything to do with her.

"Maybe you should think about volunteering," Rachel told her who was volunteering that day at the school for the health checks.

Emily couldn't stop laughing then as she edged away from that line into someone. She almost knocked him over.

"Are you blind?" She freaked when the tall fellow touched her shoulder.

"Well, yes, I'm afraid this is true." He smiled like an idiot.

"Whatever." She was definitely not having anything to do with this giraffe like boy looking down at her. She gave him a scowl.

"I saw that," his smile was open and he pointed in her direction. She frowned and found the first restroom she could hide in.

She found her tweezers in her hand bag and looked her eyebrows over, giving a tweeze here and there. It was more than enough. She felt way too hyped. So hyped she might do just about anything to inflect pain.

Why was this happening now? She hadn't even seen Rosco. What if he'd decided to get his GED? What if she never saw him again?

She dug in her handbag to the very bottom, finding a pink pill. It was a benadryl. She'd forgotten about that. It was just one. Maybe that would be all she needed to calm down. She just wish it would work faster. All she needed was to be a bit woozy. Cough syrup would help. Only she didn't have any.

A couple of cheerleaders came in then and Emily fled. Who's chest would she run straight into when she got out the restroom door. His walking cane tapped the inside of her leg a lot harder than she'd wished.

"Sorry," he said.

"You wish." She started to walk off in a huff, but he practically tripped her with the cane.

"Watch it!" She yelled back at him.

"Did I do that too?" He sort of laughed. "Silly me."

"God, am I suppose to help you or something?" She turned back hugging her handbag.

"Maybe I can help you?" He grinned.

"I don't think so."

"Can I remember you without a name?" He said.

"What do you want?" She was trapped with a handicapped person. She was not good with special needs people.

"My name is Casper. Maybe I should call you Molly because you make me think of Molly Ringwald."

"I don't look a thing like her,"

"But you sound as miserable as she did in Sixteen Candles."

"I'm seventeen." She told him.

"Me too." He smiled happily.

"Ok, I'm not Molly Ringwald," she huffed. "My name is Emily."

"Emily? Like the poet?"

"Who gives a crap about poets." She fumed.

"If I see you again, I'll make sure you borrow my selectinos from Emily Dickinson."

"Is that someone you went to school with last year?"

"Yes, we spent a lot of time alone together." He grinned even more then.

Just then Emily saw Rosco pass by. He ignored her completely.

"Who was that?" Casper asked.

"Someone I used to - know."

"Someone, you thought you loved?"

"Stop trying to figure me out. You must have some braille to read somewhere, don't you?" Emily made a small frown.

"Goodbye, Molly. Its been nice annoying you for a bit. I'll look for those poems for you." He tapped his cane along then.

"Really, you don't have too. I doubt I'll ever be here." She strutted away then. It was time to get out of here. Hopefully, Derrick was wanting to do something. She so wanted to be out of high school.


simon n josh said...

oh oh oh......

This one is really interesting with Emily. Like the title too.

autumn said...

poor, poor Emily. some kind of a bad day for her.

victoria said...

aw poor casper. handicapped at 17. :(

Cady Lola Cep said...

Nice. I really like this one.

Karine said...

Casper seems nice.Why is Emily so bitter,sometimes?Maybe is because of the hole baby situation,right?


Your story is great.I really like the fact that it has a lot of dialogs.It's your mark.


I wrote a new part of the story!
Go and check it!


autumn said...

oh. yeah, poor baby. it made my heart melt. =[

taffy. said...

hahaha, oh my god, i'm loving casper.
and i'm loving emily's response to him even more.

ellie said...

This is so emily. and now casper. hmmm....this is interesting.

Dapper Kid said...