Thursday, August 28, 2008

how it should be

Bella was happy that she'd spent some time with Jane. They slept in the same bed together. Really, she had no idea that they could connect again. Maybe, if she were lucky, Jane would never know what she'd done to her. Leaving her for so long.

She wanted to believe that. It helped anyway. And she promised she'd be back tomorrow. She had to see Gordy. She had too.

So she showed up the next day when she knew he'd be home. Hopefully, alone. Bella didn't want to know who he was seeing.

"I couldn't stay away, " Bella told him. "I hope you don't mind."

"No, not at all," Gordy said, but she knew he probably wouldn't have been civil without Jane there.

"Good, I'm sorry." She shrugged, but really she wasn't sorry. She needed to take a long look at him just to see if she missed him. Maybe she did, but she missed Fish more. Only she couldn't trade this moment and hop a bus just to go back to Texas.

"How are you feeling?" Gordy asked.

"Good. Really, everything is under control. I kind of think they want to have me ready for a c-section by late October." She liked discussing baby stuff with him.

"You think you're up for that?" He asked and she hoped he didn't mean that she was up to wanting the baby. "It'll be Halloween, won't it?"

"Yeah, that would be cool." She smiled.

"I guess."

Jane came running in then and slapped at Bella's stomach. The baby started kicking, instantly.

"Look what you've done, Jane?" She smiled and held her hand against Bella's stomach. "You should talk to your baby brother. He loves you." She closed her eyes then. Perhaps it had been wrong to say any of it, but she wanted too. She needed Jane next to her.

"Baby brother?"

"Yeah, it looks that way." She felt a cold chill surrounding her then. "Look, I was really happy with Fish. I'm sorry, but its true. And if I can get him back somehow, I don't know if I can stay here for good."

"All right." Gordy went to the kitchen then. Bella got up just see what he was doing. He was holding on to the counter with both hands, being very still with his eyes closed.

"Look, I think you should be telling Kal these things, instead of me," Gordy then said, but looking away from her.

She touched his back, he almost caved in. They hugged then. He kissed her with salty tears.


Cate said...

i'd like it if gordy got back with bella. and chucked serena. i know that sounds cruel, but... maybe he could make her forget fish.

UmassSlytherin said...

:) awww! so sweet! I really like Gordy so much! :)
great update!

simon n josh said...

oh Gordy...I hope that was a wise thing.

Sydney Speel said...

gordy is such a sweety!

taffy. said...

oh god... poor serena...
still, gordy should be with bella!

autumn said...

lol @ Cate's comment. but i like this part. Gordy and Bella. i don't want to think much about Serena yet. and Fish. just want to savor this moment. lol.