Friday, August 8, 2008

never say never

Naturally, Derrick only spent a day or so in jail. His brother bailed him out.

Emily wanted to believe it was over, but he kept calling.

"Crystal, why won't you talk to me?" He'd said on the phone.

"Because she's not here," Emily said.

"When will she be back?"

"Never." She'd had enough. It was over.

"Where did she go then?"

"I don't know, maybe Dallas." Was it too much to ask him to stop?

"And she didn't tell me? I thought she really loved me," he said.

Emily felt as if she was talking to a little boy who'd lost his favorite stuffed animal. "Maybe she found all your little habits quite disgusting, and she'd had enough and decided to move on. She says you're a creep, and she doesn't care how much money you have, you could never buy her love." It did sound cruel and Emily loved saying it to him over the phone. Why had she given him her cell phone number in the first place? She would definitely chunk this one and get a new circle of friends to call. Just not with this phone number.

"She never told me any of this." Derrick sounded hurt.

"You had to hear it from someone, dude," Emily said. "She never trusted you, anyway. She knew what a natural born liar you were. Besides, she thinks you might have herpes."


"I think she might have let the cat out of the bag on her My Space."

"But I love her. I would have never given her herpes."

"Thank God, you wore a condom."

"Who is this?"

"Just this friend who she used to live with," Emily looked at herself in the mirror over the dresser in her room. Red was really becoming, she thought as she brushed her long dark bangs about. Maybe she could pull this Molly Ringwald thing off. Not that she would do it to impress Casper. After all, he was blind.

"Tell me, who are you?" Derrick was pleading and it so pleased Emily to hear as she raked her fingers through her hair.

"Don't worry, " she smiled. "I'm not your type."


ellie said...

Emily, such a one shot deal. Cool.

simon n josh said...

Oh, that Emily. Sizzle. Pop. Snap.

autumn said...

haha. i really love the way she talks. just like the on last one. =]]

Anonymous said...

Ah Emily!
Is she finally getting her life straight?
I hope so (even though drama is very interesting ^^)

taffy. said...

this post was awesome!
it actually makes me feel really bad for derrick, though.

Karine said...

Huahuhau..Emily is great!

Maybe Dallas!


Love your blog!

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