Saturday, October 4, 2008

at the coffee shop

Kal got the job at the recording studio.

Of course, it wasn't exactly the way he wanted it. He had his doubts now that he'd ever make it to the studio. He was tested on various skills. Even typing. It really wasn't what he was expecting.

"They hired me as a secretary," Kal told Whitney back at the coffee shop. "Can you imagine that? They said I was the fastest typist they'd ever seen."

"Well, that's good, isn't it?" She cheered him on in spite of being demeaned. At least it would be a bit over minum wage. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Nine to five set up. He could work with this. He supposed.

"Yeah," He nodded thinking she had a point. "Its just I always pictured myself doing more manly things, you know." Of course, he hated manuel labor. Might mess his fingers up for his guitar.

"You''ll do fine."

He loved watching her nose krinkle just a bit when she smiled. Never seen anything so sweet and he was happy he could make her smile. Not many people smiled around him lately. Including Bella who was really getting moody. But he didn't think about now. Especially with her hand around his. It was a bit shocking. He hadn't noticed when it had happened and he didn't want her to let go, but she had too. People to wait on.

"Listen, can we," he didn't know how to ask. Wasn't even sure he had the privilage too. What if she were engage or involved with someone. So much he didn't know about Whitney. "you know, celebrate, um go out, that is, if-"

"Of course, I'd love too." She nodded. "How about you pick me up about nine. I get off then."

Kal caught his breath. He hadn't expected it so soon.

"Yeah, sure." He couldn't stop smiling.


Cate said...

I think people who can type fast are cool. And I think that that job will be fun.
Kal and Whitney are a great couple!!! Cheers for Kal!

autumn said...

cool. Kal's got a job. fastest typist. wow.

hope they'll have a great time together. ^^

Anonymous said...

This was so cute!
I hope they're a good match - and I hope Kal changes his mind about his new job :)

UmassSlytherin said...

so romantic! I love this chapter! :)

just Ivy said...

good to read about Kal for a change. Nice.