Wednesday, October 15, 2008

vows and other things

This was for real. Kal stood there by Whitney holding her hand. He really didn't want to go to the wedding of the mother of his child, especially when she was marrying another man. But there it was.

He'd been quiet all through this occasion that he thought was a baby shower. He still remained quiet. It felt so final now. It was actually over. Well, he'd accepted it for sometime, but with a child involved he thought just maybe, something good might come from it. He guessed not.

Kal was passed being angry. He listened to the pastors words. How they were suppose to honor each other through sickness and health. Would Fish be able to do that?

Kal did his best to smile. Whitney kept looking at him as if he might not make it through the vows. But Kal couldn't help but wonder if he'd ever take those vows some day. He'd so hate to let Whitney down. She'd been kind to him, a good listener. Kal wanted to get out of here and just be with her. Why did he have to be here?

Whitney, kissed his hand then. He so wanted to be in her arms right now, away from here.


another.ellie said...

aw poor Kal.

Anonymous said...

Aw, Kal...
I'm sure Bella wasn't the right person for him anyway. Whitney, on the other hand,... ^^

autumn said...

why do i feel sorry for Kal somehow. o_O

Psyconym said...

The art work is just fab!