Wednesday, November 19, 2008

in a very very fine house

Rosco awoke with a smile on his face. Actually, he wondered how stupid he might have looked, but no one was around.

He'd dreamed they were all back together. But he wasn't really sure who he was back with. Rachel was there. So was Emily with Kasper. Gordy too. But then there was Fish and Bella along with Kal and Whitney and they all lived in this old house. Actually, the old house up the street that was for rent for months now. Still no takers.

He wondered why he'd dreamed it. It wasn't exactly a commune, but it wasn't like living at home, either. It was great. Kal and he were playing their guitars. Fish was even playing and Gordy was singing. He just wished he could remember the song. And Bella and Emily didn't hate each other. Even Rachel was being nice to Emily.

Definitely, a ridiculous dream. Maybe it was all that talk with Rachel about Thanksgiving. He felt sad for her. Maybe just plain bad. Perhaps they could be nicer to each other during the holidays. But suddenly, he imagined sleeping with her even though he hadn't. Yet he remembered her kiss and well, it was a shock to think it. To think maybe if it had happened they would have never broken up.

He didn't want to miss her. He didn't. He had to keep telling himself that. She was too chatty for Gordy. Rosco couldn't see them ever being together. He hoped not. Rosco definitely wasn't going to ask Gordy about Rachel. It just wouldn't happen. It couldn't.

Rosco went to shower then. He had to stop thinking about Rachel. He wanted to see her happy, but he wanted to see her with the right person too.


ellie said...

that is some dream.

Psyconym said...

I like this - I dreamed about my ex last night. He had a new beautiful girlfriend, I felt so torn between desire fo rhim, and seeing him with another more beautiful girl. I think it was symblosim for other concerns in my life.

Cheers - I hope its not corny my profoundity. Sometimes I feel like I need to make a resolution when there is discordant tones in my blog. Like when I am upset adn I start ranting, I have to bring it back to balance, so to speak.

Hope you are cool.


autumn said...

what a happy dream. i hope it would come true. now i feel like i want Rosco for Rachel.