Friday, November 21, 2008

walk away

Walk away, walk away, walk away
I have seen the light of day and it doesn’t look good to me.
Walk away, walk away, walk away
I am a stranger in the one place that I should stay
Too tired to run, I think it’s time to leave this place I used to call home
Walk away, walk away, walk away
I have no such words to say what I want to say
I wanna talk to you but, all I can do is walk away
My mind has slipped away again and I can’t pretend that I know what to do

Bye-bye sunshine, the world has left me behind.
So long sweet song, I have lost my mind …again

The sun is out and the sky is clear
But all I can do is sit in here and stare
I miss you baby but leave me be
There’s nothing you can do to set me free
I flew over some cuckoo’s nest and I think it’s best that I just walk away

Bye-bye sunshine, the world has left me behind.
So long sweet song, I have lost my mind …again

I may be weak but my love is strong
My heart is a stone and my head is all wrong
I don’t know my way back home but
If you let me roam I’ll find my way back to you
Time used to make me wait, now time just makes me late

Bye-bye sunshine, the world has left me behind.
So long sweet song, I have lost my mind …again
-The Wood Brothers

Gordy supposed he could do his part. Still he was not sure what to make of Rachel. He had decided he made her nervous, and he didn't know why. Maybe there was just no way of finding out. He supposed she'd just have to get used to him. He was getting used to her ways. Calling just when he was about to eat or getting out of the shower. He never told her what he was doing when she'd ask. Of course, there was no stopping her from blurting out what ever she had to tell him. Then she'd be done and it was "bye."

She was kind of funny. Of course, the best he could do was to add. "We'll figure it out." So he was by going over to Bella's with Jane.

Of course, he couldn't say who looked more tired, Fish or Bella.

"And to think I've heard a rumor that somebody sleeps through the night," Gordy just smiled as if it was kind of nice to see Bella not so perky and fresh and always ready for a party.

"No he isn't," Bella didn't even say come in, but he did anyway because Jane squeezed through to see her grandmother and of course, she knew where her toys were.

"I'm shocked," Gordy smirked looking at Fish who looked as if he were sleep walking at the moment. He mumbled something, but Gordy didn't catch it. He just gave him a pat on the back.

"Well, I won't stay long," Gordy yawned, they were both making him sleepy.

"But you want to see Gibson, don't you?" Bella coaxed them near the baby carrier where Gibson was in the livingroom. He was snoozing at the moment.

"Well, of course we do." Gordy got Jane and brought her over to her brother. "Now we have to quiet." He whispered. Honestly, the infant had a nice head of brown hair, already. His nose reminded him a lot of Rosco's. Gordy stood up then thinking the baby looked more like him than Kal, but he knew it was just a family resemblance nothing else.

"How much does he weigh now?" Gordy tried to pull away from making this anymore complicated than it was.

"Almost twelve pounds." She sighed.

"Wow," Gordy was impressed or at least he tried to be. He kept his hands on Jane's shoulders while she played with his fingers. She was dancing about like this could be fun if he'd just work with her on the dance step. "Listen, Rachel wanted me to ask if you guys were doing anything for Thanksgiving." He stared at Bella who drew a blank.

"That chick who's got the baby that Rosco used to date," Gordy tried to explain of course, he thought he might have made Rachel sound like a streetwalker when she wasn't.

"You seeing her?" She looked at him as if he better have the right answer.

"No." He winced. Then it offended him that she'd asked. "What if I am?"


"Just come over, none of you have to bring a thing." He yelled into the kitchen to let Bella's Mom know that Thanksgiving was on him. Of course, he just about woke Gib, but he settle back down as if he was nursing something invisible. "And let Emily and Casper know they are welcomed to. She wants everybody."

"Everybody?" Bella looked confused.

"That means, Kal and his girlfriend and Andy too."

"Who's Andy?" Bella didn't know.

"Well, you'll find out, won't you." Gordy just sighed. "Rachel already mentioned it to Rosco so I think he's coming."

"But when?"

"Noon sharp." He doubted they'd make it though. "We have to see Australia."

"We have too?"

"Of course, we always see a movie on Thanksgiving." He just looked at her as if where had she been all this time.


Cate said...

Oh Rachel is so cute. Gordy, use your brain. Just WHY do you make her nervous? People in love are always so cute. (Then I guess I am too ^^) You described the manners of an infatuated person so well in the first paragraph.
I wonder if it will be of any importance that Gordy thinks that Gibson looks more like him than like Kal.
This Thanksgiving will be either the best day in the year or a complete disaster ^^

dapper kid said...

Rachel is defo super cute :)

aiLee920 said...

thanks for dropping by at my site and for leaving a comment... i appreciate it a lot...

autumn said...

i kind of like this scene. this story. about what/how Gordy thinks. or simply because i like Gordy. lol.

ellie said...

I love gordy.