Tuesday, December 2, 2008

could it be

Whitney was still in the state of shock that Kal wanted to get married.

"Like yesterday," he told her. But that would mean he'd have to meet her sister. Whitney lived with her sister's family who'd taken her in when she decided she wanted to visit the states. Her sister's husband was in the Air Force, and she'd only came because he was overseas at the moment. Initially, she was just supposed to help her sister out with her kids and that was it. But she wanted to work because she felt she'd outstayed her welcome. Perhaps it was her sister who thought so..now that she thought about it.

Naturally, her sister wasn't all to happy to find that she'd met someone.

"What will Mum think?" It wasn't as if she had her life completely planned out. She hadn't exactly found a career, either. It was one of reason she wanted to get away. She didn't want to go into accounting.

"That I've lost a screw." All Whitney could do was laugh about it, but her sister took it the wrong way.

"So you have been screwing this fellow?" Her sister was asking her in the next breath which turned in to almost a full blown argument. As if back home her sister was certain she was in to all the sex and drugs and what ever came to living the wild life.

"I know how it exactly is," her sister, Jemma rolled her eyes. "All the stress, then the relief, is that why you really wanted to move in with me?"

"Of course not." Possibly she was running from it and didn't want any part of it. "I was far to dull for that crowd."

"And now your not." Jemma brought up Kal's situation. His child. "You really want to give up the single life for someone with a kid already? How could you ever trust him?"

She hadn't thought about that. Jemma had a way of washing all the happiness away and turning it into sadness.

"He's your ticket, isn't he? You just can't stay away from states, is that it?" Jemma harped on.

It made Whitney agitated. That couldn't be what this was. No, she loved Kal. None of this had ever trickled into her mind until now. And it finally sank in that her sister was ready to send her home.


LovesMeNot said...

Poor Whitney! Run over by her sister...

ellie said...

I just hadn't thought much how it would be for Whitney at home. So she would have to become a citizen..I guess.

Cate said...

Well I'm happy for Whitney that she has kind of settled down and that she isn't wholly independent on her sister anymore.
Her sister should be happy for her too. Her sister is so - UGH! 'screwing this fellow' - boah. She sounds like a strict teacher with no sense of humour whatsoever. She has no right of washing all of Whitney's happiness away.
Why shouldn't Whitney give up the single life? If she has found someone she really likes? Kal will support her against her sister, I'm sure.

simon n josh said...

Hope Whitney and Kat hurry up.