Thursday, December 25, 2008

let it snow

"I think it was very brave of you," Gordy told Rachel on Christmas morning while Jane was ripping through her presents under the tree. "Are you sure you wouldn't want to be there with Lucy and Andy, you know, just because you might not get that opportunity again."

They were sitting on the couch sipping coffee and snacking on coffee cake his mother had given him.

"No, this way he can have some fun. I'd just be reminder of things gone wrong, and he needs this time with her," Rachel nodded as if she'd accepted the fact Andy was going into the army. "I still kind of hope he gets hurts in bootcamp and they tell him they can't use him."

"That's Miss. Postive for you," he slyly remarked with a sigh. "Maybe it won't be that bad. Stop thinking the worst, will you?"

"OK, lets just not talk about it," Rachel tried to smile. "There are other things to do. Like we have to get over to your brother's house. We've got lots of party-time to make up with Whitney and Kal."

"Right, but you have to open the present I got you first." Gordy got out the gift then.

"You shouldn't have," but she did have a watch for him that she found last minute at the 25% off sale at the local department store.

She opened it. There were her favorite kind of lounge pants, flannel in pink and blue plaid along with a pink ribbed shirt, and a key to his place.

"I really thought about getting you something terribly sexy, but your sexy in this too." He told her.

"Thanks," Rachel smiled and picked the key up on a silver heart key chain. It was just what she wanted.


Cate said...

It's hard for Rachel that she can't be with her daughter on Christmas, but then she's Andy's daughter as well.
The presents they got each other are so perfect. Merry Christmas, Gordy and Rachel.
And Merry Christmas to you too, Cait. It's come REALLY fast this year, you're right. It seems as though the older we get, the faster it comes...

About HSM3: Hah, I was a bit embarrassed that I watched it too at first. Same as you, I love Lucas and Corbin though. And 'Troy' - haha I really can't take him seriously, especially not in that 'angst' scene I mentioned ^^
Thank you for your comment, and also for your friendship. I really appreciate it!

cats n curses said...

Happy Holidays..keep writing. All the best.

dapper kid said...

Awww sweet present! Hope you're having a wonderful christmas!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas cait!
and oh, if these characters could actually come to life.. merry christmas gordy n