Thursday, December 11, 2008

those aren't the breaks

Bella knew Emily had a point. She guess she was wanting to much. Maybe she was too hard on Fish. She could be hard on Kal all she wanted because he deserved it. He'd left her at a commune pregnant, now hadn't he? She had a right to hate him.

But Fish, well, she'd taken him away from what he loved most.

"I don't know why you just couldn't bring your guitar shop up here," she told him during dinner which was just chicken pot pie, the frozen kind that come in a little box. She watched him devour that while she ate a salad.

"Well, I didn't own it," he shrugged. "And it would be kind of a tricky to you know, put it in a U-haul and come all the way up here with it."

"OK," Bella would think of something else. "Have you seen any guitar shops around?"

"Not really," Fish finished a glass of milk and poured him another.

"Would Kal know any shops or you know-"

"I dunno." Fish shrugged.

"Well, maybe he could help you," Bella tried to smile.

"Maybe." He just stared at her and smiled. Gibson was asleep in his crib. Bella's mother was out and Emily had gone to Casper's.

"So you wanna?" She smiled.

"I dunno, do you remember how?" He chuckled. Fish looked at his watch. This better be something that could be done in twenty minutes because he only had thirty more minutes on his lunch break.


Frederic said...

wow...sounds great, but I don´t drink coke....maybe I´ll try it on saturday night...

Anonymous said...

just a random question...howd you come up with fish???

Anonymous said...

just a random question...howd you come up with fish???