Friday, January 9, 2009

at the middle of the road

Emily woke up in her very own bed alone. She knew this time. She was definitely alone. This time for good.

It had been a shock when Casper suddenly told her he thought that it was over. Over.

No goodbye sex. Nothing.

He couldn't take anymore of her crap. She guessed.

"I just feel its time," he said on the drive back with Gordy and Rachel. "You've got so much to do. You need to focus on your education." And he mentioned that stuff- loving your self first and it made her sad to think about. All these things she knew were true. And she guessed, she deserved it.

But it felt as if she were naked. She was going to be on her own this time with these classes at the beauty school. And she'd have to keep up.

So she got up early. Made coffee, wishing she could forget everything. Even Archie. Who was freakishly friendly, and she knew he didn't even mean to be. Its just, there had to be more than he was telling her. Had to be.

But she had to leave that alone. She had her time to deal with it and now it was time to move on.

Emily reached for her cell then. She dialed Casper before she even knew it.

"Are you up?" She wanted to know.

"Are you?"

"Yes." She had to catch her breath. "I was thinking, I know you broke up with, and you don't want to see me, but we could still do lunch, couldn't we?"

"Depends." He seemed definite on his tone.


"Give it a week or two." He was quiet then, and she thought he hung up on her. "I want to know how the classes are going."

"OK." She tried to smile. "Sounds good. Can't wait." Emily only wished it could be today. She'd need to talk to somone after the day was done, but there was no one.


Cate said...

It must be horrible to wake up alone after this incident. I bet Emily would like someone to be with her.
And I also think that she didn't expect Casper to break up. It's like he was always the blind guy who needed guidance and was lost without someone, in this case her, and that IF it were to end, she would be the one to break up.
I once heard that you can't love anyone else if you don't learn to love yourself first.
I think it does her some good that she has a schedule at the beauty school that she has to stick to.
I hope she can stay friends with Casper.

ellie said...

This won't be easy for Emily, but maybe she needs it.

what we needed said...

this just might be the kick that emily needs.

Ivy said...

Emily is definitely at a crossroads.