Tuesday, January 20, 2009

so much for a movie

Finally, Fish found a DVD to watch. Wristcutter a Love Story. It was nice just to sit down in the living-room and chill. Even had some left over popcorn from the canister the neighbors had given Bella's Mom.

He mixed all the flavors together- cheese, butter and carmel. He liked being surprised.

"What are you doing that for?" Bella pushed his feet off the coffee table. He'd forgot. Her mother did like to keep it formal in the living-room. Although, his socks were fresh.

"Sorry," he shrugged and started with a handful of popcorn as he clicked into the movie.

"Why do you want to watch something so depressing?" She plopped down next to him.

"I didn't know." He grinned slightly as he ate.

"Just look at the title." She shoved the DVD case at him.

"Doesn't look that depressing to me." He sighed with a yawn.

"You have to start thinking about Gibson and his feelings, you know." She was being impatience now as she kept staring at him that he needed to turn the DVD off.

"His feelings? What?" He winced. "He's asleep and he won't even know I'm watching this movie."

"You have to consider these things. What do we want to expose him too?"

"OK," He dug into the popcorn and kept eating. "Why can't he be exposed to a movie like this?" All the main character was doing was cleaning up his room as the movie started.

Bella just hugged herself then.

"We need new friends," she suddenly announced.

"Well." He squinted then. She was going to make this difficult wasn't she? "Whats wrong with the people we know?" It was mainly her ex and his brothers that he knew aside from the people he worked with at the grocery store and now Derrick along with Carrie.

"Its just, they aren't going to be anything." She shrugged.

"Bella, you're worse than this movie. I've never heard you talk like this." He shut off the movie then. "Maybe you need to find a job." Hopefully, that didn't sound bad coming from him. "Your Mom could take care of Gib for a little while until we save up some money. You might find something you like to do instead of trying to change me - 24/7."

"I'm not trying to change you." She looked at him as if she were hurt that he'd say this.

"Then who? You?" He ate at the popcorn. "I don't know how this happened. You weren't like this in Texas." Perhaps, her mother had something to do with it. They so needed to get out of here and be on their own. He wished it were soon instead of later.

"What am I supposed to do?" She looked sad.

"What do you want to do?"

"You know how I loved working at that vintage place at the mall. It was so amazing. I never had a job that good before."

"How many jobs have you had?" He'd never asked until now.

"Just the one."

He couldn't help but crack up a little.

"Well, maybe you'll find out something else that you love." He didn't want to hurt her feelings. "You might have to go college or something like Emily."

"But she's still in high school?" It was as if that would be defeating the purpose.

"Have you talked to Emily? Maybe you'd want to go to that beauty college." He shrugged.

"I couldn't cut hair. I just couldn't." She made it sound as if she might be skinning people.

"There are other things." He looked at her.

"Like what?"

"Well, ask your sister," He said as carefully as he could. "You never did tell her how worried you were about her like you said you were."

She just gave him a small frown.

"You'll figure something out," Fish wiped his greasy hand on his old t-shirts and put his arm around Bella. "You always do."


Kira Fashion said...

those things are rare ;)

a kiss friend!

cady x said...

I just love these two. Fish has such a great sense of humor.

diane said...

Wristcutter? Too funny, I love your sense of humor.

Fish needs to address Bella's issues one at a time, sounds like they should have mom watch the baby for a few days, so they can get away and talk things through. Am I getting too involved here or what.

Laleh and Lauren said...

Oh my, I love that movie. I think Bella is wanting to grow up..she just doesn't quite know how.

ellie said...

Poor Fish..can't he catch a break..darn her.

Karine said...

Men have to be carefull.It's not what they say,but HOW they say it.


A kiss!
This chap is pretty cool!

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what we needed said...

I gotta wonder how long they'll stay together.