Sunday, January 4, 2009

sour words

Bella wasn't so sure she liked this Charlotte. She was a sassy one. Always making the girls pick up their toys and ask for things. Actually, she was really good at this child care stuff. Making sure they knew how to clean up after themselves. And she made them listen to her without it being a screaming match.

"How do you do it?" She finally asked thinking Charlotte must think she was spoiling Gib.

"Its not that hard," she smirked and went off to do something in the kitchen at Gordy's. "You don't even have to be here, you know."

"Well, Jane is my daughter." Bella's eyes lit.

"You're Jane's mother?" Charlotte squinted then as if that would be an impossibility. "I thought-"

"What? That I was dead or something?" Bella swelled up a frown.

"No, I just thought you lived far away, you know. Didn't you?" Charlotte stared back at her.

"For a while. A very short while."

"She never talks about you."

"That's not my fault." Bella was adament as she had Gib strapped to her.

"She calls Rachel her Mom. Says it to Lucy all the time. Our Mom does this and Our Mom does that."

"Well, she's just a- a little girl." Bella was ready to slap Charlotte to shut up.

"Kids do that." Rachel nodded as she went to load up the dishwasher. "I did that." She acted as if she was telling herself this instead of Bella. "Dad would have a girlfriend. I'd call her that. It would be a sure sign she wouldn't be hanging around. But the thing was, I was hoping they would, but they didn't."

Bella walked back to the livingroom then to check on the girls. She thought she heard Charlotte say, "Sorry." But it was so quiet, Bella wasn't sure.


dapper kid said...

Yikes this was kinda harsh, I guess young children need a sense of stability, which you can't always give them, however you try.

Cate said...

Charlotte seems to have a good way with the girls. Every kid needs to have a bit of strictness - but not too much, of course.
But Charlotte is being pretty tactless to Bella about Jane. Bella doesn't deserve this even though she can be a bitch.
I do hope Charlotte said Sorry.

simon n josh said...

Well...bella can be so sensitive. But I'm not sure charlotte is hitting it off with anyone...except Rosco.

Anonymous said...

ouch! i feel sad for bella... like she lost her own child.

Cate said...

The snow froze here, so it's really slippery...
Yeah, most people think the 90s was just techno and ravers and stuff but there was actually so much more to it! The whole Seattle scene for instance...

Karine said...



A kiss


Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.