Monday, January 19, 2009

a treat with a talk

Charlotte gave a clap to Whitney for every outfit she tried on. The next day Whitney had gone back to the mall and had taken Charlotte with her to shop.

"You know what ever you put on will be gorgeous," Charlotte smiled. "Not that often I get to go do girl stuff." She thanked Whitney with treating her to a slice of pizza afterwards at the food court.

"Its nice to not have to compete, so to speak," Whitney sighed.


"Yes, that's what it feels like with Bella," Whitney told her. "I think all she really wants is to torture me."

"She doesn't like herself." Charlotte said aloud as if it were a thought perhaps.

Whitney just looked at her.

"Well, its true. She knows she's screwed up. Badly. On so many levels even." Charlotte smirked.

"Don't say those things," Whitney winced. "I don't want to judge her."

"I don't know how you can be her friend." Charlotte sipped at her drink. "You know, she was probably one of those girls in school that all the girls wanted to be just like. Well, I think she woke up and figured out now that no one wants to be like her at all."

"Honestly, I hadn't thought about it." Whitney shrugged.

"Its the truth," Charlotte believed.


"Its hard to have girlfriends the older you get," Charlotte made it sound as if she were beyond her years. "Its never quite like in the movies, is it?" Charlotte pulled a face as if she wasn't in to fantasies. "Even with Rachel, its like I've invaded her territory ever since I got together with Rosco. She was finished with him, you know. Whats the big deal?"

"Maybe she's afraid you'll hurt him," Whitney shrugged with a smile.

"Me? Why doesn't she think how I might get hurt?" Charlotte played with the crust a bit, but didn't eat it. "And she hurt him worse. Worse than I ever would. She's sleeping with his brother."

Whitney nodded.

"I'm really trying not to let it get to me," Charlotte squinted. "But it hurt, you know when she got on my case about him."

"Maybe she meant well, I'm sure she's looking out for you. Maybe she just couldn't say it." Whitney told her as they sat there and watched people walk by.

"Maybe." Charlotte crumpled a napkin then.

"So things are good with Rosco?" Whitney smiled as she'd best change the subject.

"He's such a little boy," Charlotte smiled. "I hate when I see that in him too. Its like I catch myself wanting a little boy just like that with him, some day. Am I mad?"

"No," Whitney smiled. "I think you might just see a future in him."

Charlotte blinked, hoping a tear wouldn't swell up. She knew she'd miss him, badly when the time came.


ellie said...

I think they could be friends.

diane said...

Hmmmm, Charlotte has reservations, and not the good kind.

Ivy said...

Charlotte certainly calls it as she sees it..though.