Wednesday, March 18, 2009

told you so

When Gordy got to the library, the story time just broke up. Naturally, Jane found him first and hit him right where it hurt with her little fist. It was as if she didn't want to see him at all.

"I have a new mommy and daddy now." Jane informed him.

Gordy was still in a jaw dropping pain.

"Oh really," he winced. "And who might that be?" Suddenly, Gordy felt they got along better when she wasn't talking. She was not a baby, anymore. What were they teaching her at school? Karate?

She pointed to Kal and Whitney.

"Well, that is your aunt and uncle." Gordy sighed. "Maybe you want to go home with them."

Whitney took Gib from Kal.

"He needs a change." She shrugged. Jane went off with them to the restroom.

"So how was it?" Gordy looked at Kal then.

"You or Rachel better hurry up and have a baby." Kal looked at him blankly. "She told everyone that Rachel was going to have a baby and so were you." Kal smiled.

"Well, at the rate she's going, Jane definitely will have me fixed before that can happen." Gordy rolled his eyes at that.

"At least you have her every night, you know."

"Oh yeah, can't give that up." Gordy nodded. "Who knows, Bella might fly the coop and then there you'd be with a baby to take care of. You think Whit is up for something like that?"

"Yeah, we could handle it, but I know that's not gonna happen. You'd think Gib was still attached to the womb. I don't think Bella likes me much. You think?" Kal told him.

"Don't worry about it." Gordy told him.

Kal just tried to smile. Soon enough, Whitney and Jane were back with Gib who smelled like a real baby should smell. Sweet baby powder.


Alayna Whisper said...

The beginning made me laugh so hard. haha =]

Shadow Gunslinger said...

Wow, Jane doesn't seem to like daddy very much, now, doesn't she?

Ah, sorry for not catching up with the story lately. My sister's back and she's been using the PC all week long.

Hope you have a great week.

diane said...

Gordy needs to arrange play dates with Jane, maybe to the playground or a "daddy/daughter" lunch. Kid's are so great, I love the way Jane told it like she sees it. xo

dapper kid said...

That stage between cute babies and cute child can be rather difficult for everyone, let alone just parents! It's hard, but it's worth it :)

Cate said...

Ouch, that must really hurt for poor Gordy!
Oh, jane goes to school already? Or is it something like pre-school or kindergarten?
Gordy is right, Bella liking him (or not) is the last thing Kal should worry about..

Oh, thanks for your comment! Yes, at the party on Friday there WAS dancing! But I'm not much of a dancing person, haha.. So I hung around at the bar with a few other people who aren't dancers.. Hehe.

ellie said...

Oh, Jane...she's something.

em said...

Haha James funny:)