Saturday, March 21, 2009

until that day

Serena had moved in with Floyd and Kal helped.

"Lucky," Kal drank at a beer after all the boxes were in. There really weren't that many and Serena lived close by. "Got your own place. You have everything you could possibly want."

"Yeah, but its old." Floyd opened another beer. "There's a lot wrong with it."

"But it's yours," Kal smiled. "That has to count for something."

"I guess. But once you get a house, everything can and will go wrong." Floyd cracked up then. "See those windows. I need new ones. If only I were a plumber I could put in new pipes under the sink too."

"Man, how much does something like that cost?" Kal looked at him.

"Plenty." Floyd nodded. "And I had a father that never called a plumber once in his life."

"I guess you must carry on the tradition then, huh?" Kal chuckled.

"I must until Serena tells me I have to get it fixed." Floyd drank at his beer.

"I bet it'll be soon too." Kal felt for sure. Yeap, this was just what Floyd needed, a kick in the butt and woman to tell him what needed fixing. Kal couldn't stop smiling. He never thought he'd see this day coming.


Cate said...

About the previous chapter: It's so cute, I bet I will give my car a name too. I always think of cars as living things, especially after seeing the film "Cars". I'm one of those who is always putting off getting her drivers' license, and I think it would be good for me if someone gave me a car so that I would finally have to get it... Of course, keeping a car is really expensive too. Here at our school they have a club for getting your drivers' license.

Floyd and Serena... You know, I never thought that they would eventually become a couple someday. I do think it's good for Floyd. I can totally understand his fears, but he'll see that it won't be so hard after all. Whenever I have fears like that, I go outside and say to myself: "Hey, that guy/that woman made it too, so I'll make it as well!"

diane said...

Floyd could always look up how to fix anything on the web,haha. I bought an old house a few years ago, and I'm still there. It needs some work, but it's no big deal.
My cars all had names:
1. Cherry red Chevy 5 speed - Christine
2. Pale yellow Grand Marquis - Zsa Zsa
3. Purple Geo Tracker - Cleo the Geo, or Cleopatra my Geo Track-ah

dapper kid said...

I suppose these things are always more appealing as thoughts, because we never give attention to the little details that have to be arranged. Although that being said, I hope he gets to fix the house up well.

J.T's Tale said...

I am loving your blogs