Friday, April 24, 2009

it might come in handy

Rosco was at the dining table listening to his mother go on about her plans for her friend to come out and visit in a few weeks. She wouldn't dare say her boyfriend. Just her old friend that she almost married before she met their Dad.

Rosco was shoveling in his chili while she talked. After he finished off his milk, he looked behind her at the French doors.

"So will those be still there when he comes?" Rosco pointed.

"I don't have time to mess with those," she shrugged going back to her fruit salad.

"I know, but I might." Rosco told her.

"No." She didn't even blink.

"I bet I could figure it out. Kal could help. He's pretty good at taking things a part." Rosco smiled.

"That's just it," his mother said. "You both are, but putting things together...that's a different story."

"Mom, just think if we do it, how nice it's gonna look." Rosco reached for another roll to dip in his chili.

He saw her looking around at the country heart wallpaper boarder. "If we do that then we'll have to paint."

"Mom!" Rosco was getting frustrated. "Just stop, will you? If you'd let somebody actually do it and stop thinking so much about it, something might get done."

"And you're going to be the one to do it?"

"Maybe." Rosco really didn't want to make a deal out of it. "Its just we need to get some stuff done around here. Like ceiling fans. You know, that would really cut down on power and help cool the place this summer."

"OK, I know. It's just. I'm tired all right."

"Yeah, but you never sleep." He knew she stayed up in the wee hours of the morning on the internet with a certain someone.

"Look, paint this table black for me. We'll go from there if you can ge that done." She shrugged.

It was a pretty old beat up table that she'd picked up years ago at the salvation army when the other one fell a part.

"OK." Rosco nodded. He could do that. "And then the French doors."

"All right." She sighed.

Rosco just smiled, thinking she wouldn't be selling this house anytime soon. If he was going to live in it, best making it worth living in.


ellie said...

That's sweet that Rosco wants to help out around the house.

dapper kid said...

She really does need his help to sort the house out, it's nice of him to insist :)

diane said...

When I purchased my house, which evidently was built for hobbits, my son did a lot of work to make it livable. It's so nice when they come full circle from taking things apart, to putting things together. And it's one of the best demonstrations of a son's love and appreciation.
Nice post, as always. xo

em said...

rosco's sweet:)

keep writing


miriam said...

i'm intrigued by the mother-son relationship even though i'm such a daddy's girl

diane said...

Cute hubby and I were just looking at his profile, and we noticed he has 1 comment, just 1. So, we checked to see who it was, and it was you! That was so sweet of you, Cait. I must have left you a comment from his profile by mistake (I do that sometimes). So, if you ever get another comment from Mich, that's just me being computer challenged. xo