Saturday, April 11, 2009

the pedal to the metal

Archie looked at Charlotte's red car behind him. He supposed she was going to ride his ass the whole way to Omaha. It made him a bit uncomfortable.

"You don't think she's mad, do you?" He couldn't help but look over at Emily.

She was stunning. She should have been in a rock band, he guessed, or that girl that lead singers from rock bands would fight over.

"Who? Mom?" Emily looked back at him in her big stylish black shades. She shook her head, no. "Charlotte wanted me too."

"Charlotte?" Archie winced looking in the rear-view mirror.

"Well, remember that guy, my mom had in her room the night we couldn't find Fish?" Emily said. "He's in her car. She works with him, and I take it, he wants my Mom bad."

"But, that doesn't bother you? You know, he could just be using her." Archie told her.

"She could be using him." Emily shrugged. "She hasn't had any fun in an awful long time. So what, if it doesn't work out."

Archie didn't know how he felt about this exactly. Perhaps it was best to stay out of it. Just then he felt Emily's hand on his thigh. She just smiled at him. Archie pushed his foot on the pedal harder. An impish grin slipped into place. He just wondered if Charlotte could keep up with him. Well, that really wasn't on his mind at the moment.


diane said...

I love Emily's point of view.
Archie is such a nice guy, looking out for Kat that way.

Thank you for your sweet comments. You are always so expressive, and your feedback is like getting a note from my sister, sort of.

ellie said...

I wonder what Emily is up to with Archie..hehehehe...