Sunday, May 31, 2009

in perspective

"You know, Ros, I don't think your girlfriend knows how to have friends," Jason told him at their very lonely party.

"She has friends." Rosco scowled, wishing there was more to drink than light beer. As it was, his Mom wasn't exactly letting him do anything fun when it came to alchol. She was so afraid he'd get in a carwreck this weekend.

"Yeah, but not like you and me," Jason told him as they were sitting out on the football field, of all places, drinking beer. "Just freaks. She only has freaks for friends."

"Hey, what am I then?" Rosco looked at him in the moonlight who was wearing his scully almost over his eyes.

"Well, you just fuck her." He shrugged.

Rosco gave him a glare then. Now he knew why Jason didn't have a girlfriend if thats the way he put everything in perspective.

"Its a relationship, dude!" Rosco said point blank.

"Whatever, you still get to fuck her every night." Jason nursed his beer.

"No, I don't." Jason was starting to make him nausea. Rosco got up then. He hadn't had too many beers. Really. "I think I'll walk home."

"But we're just getting the party started." The blonde stringy haired boy said.

"Yeah, right," Every place they'd stopped pumped them with hot dogs and ice cream cake. Really, it had been lame, and he'd gotten in a fight with Charlotte over it. God, he should have just gotten in the car with her and headed for Adventureland.


diane said...

I feel sad for Rosco.

You always leave the most interesting comments/stories on my page, and I have to laugh because I know nobody else knows what you're talking about.
Have a nice Sunday. xo

sid n violet said...

oh, rosco. live and learn. i say.

dapper kid said...

Jason is such bad news. I think Rosco needs to go and apologise to Charlotte!

elliestories said...

His friend sounds not exactly the type who'd have a girlfriend anytime soon.