Friday, May 29, 2009

a little frustration

Naturally, Whitney went up to try to console Charlotte, but it didn't do much good. She kept crying as if there were no tomorrow. Whitney would have thought Rosco had slapped her somehow, but just with his words, she supposed.

"I'm sorry, I really am," Whitney wanted to tell her she'd drive Charlotte to Adventureland herself, go on the new roller-coaster and any other ride she'd want to go on, but she couldn't. Rides at those kind of places made her sick, and she was the worst when it came to driving for hours and hours too.

But Charlotte just cried as if this was the worst day of her life.

Whitney left her to go tell Kal what happened.

"Could you just call Rosco, and tell him what he's done to Charlotte?" She gave him a little back rub while he was at the kitchen table going over something from work.

"Its his graduation too, you know, and if he wants to be with his buds, then he should be."

Whitney sighed. She definitely didn't want to get in a fight with her husband over his brother and girlfriend. Was there something in the water or the weather that could cause so much friction? As it was, she had to get back to crocheting. She felt obligated to work on the hats that Bella wanted. Of course, she dreaded Bella looking at every detail. She was sure something would be wrong. There always was.

Whitney went back to the livingroom, sat down and finally found something funny to watch on BBC America. And then the phone rang.

"Got it," she picked up.

"Hullo," Whitney said.

"Is Charlotte there?" It didn't sound like any of Charlotte's friends. She didn't know any males to ever call her.

"Just a minute." She went upstairs with the phone to Charlotte's room. "Who may I ask is calling?" She said so formal then as if she might be Charlotte's personal assistant.

"Do you know anyone named Derrick?" She then asked Charlotte ready to click the off button on the phone since Charlotte was still in the middle of her tears.

Charlotte scrambled to clear her throat then, and just nodded.


ellie said...

oh no, Derrick.

simon n josh said...

I feel bad for Whitney.

diane said...

Derrick, crap.

I feel bad for the ladies who do all of the crochet/knit work for designers. It's a lot of tedious work, and really hard to get the gauge right.

I was just thinking, it's too bad Whitney and Kal aren't alone. They could "break" that table. hehe.

simon n josh said...

Hahahaa. diane had to laugh at that. heheheheeee.

dapper kid said...

Oh my, Derrick, not sure that's the best of callers! And poor Whitney, sounds like a lot of hard work.

Shadow Gunslinger said...

I'm officially lost again. I've been soo busy with exams lately I haven't been reading for a while.

Oh, poor Charlotte! And what's Derrick planning to do now?

But anyway, I like the new layout!