Friday, May 22, 2009

take it or leave it

Kat had missed these times with her sister. There they were sitting in the living-room floor, shoes off, laughing about nothing in particular.

"Remember when we drove all night to get back from that April Wine concert," her sister said.

"No." Kat was serious. She didn't want to bring up old bands. Especially, ones Parker wouldn't have an inkling what they were talking about.

"Oh, come on." Her sister nudged her. "You picked up guys for us. I was 15 and you were a whopping 18. They were all over you."

"You did most of the flirting," Kat went back to sipping her wine.

"Yeah, but they were looking at you." She made Kat smile.

"OH MY GOD!" Suddenly Christine remembered something. "You gotta remember this." Her eyes lit. "That time we broke down in Dad's car and that horrid hippy dude wanted to give us a lift in his van and you said, no. He could have been a serial killer."

"Chris, he was just high, I didn't want us get in a wreck. And you were only 15."

"That was the scariest dude I ever met, and then we had a to walk the whole 5 miles back to town. It was July! We were in New Mexico."

"But we made it." Kat smiled at her sister.

"And I married Dan." She said as if it were the biggest mistake of her life.

"You love him." Kat told her.

"I know." She was quiet then, but she looked at her as if she had all the fun and not her. "So does he make you happy?"

Kat just looked at her. The alcohol had really kicked in. Things were starting to blur and she yawned.

"You mean Parker?" Kat found herself talking slowly. He was already in bed. She thought it would take her a very long time to get up those stairs. Maybe she'd sleep right here.

"Yeah." Christine nodded.

"Of course," Kat then smiled.

"Where can I order one of those from?" Christine giggled.

"Stop. You can't talk that way about him. He's my boyfriend, you know." Kat slowly blinked. "He really is smart, you know."

"A real genius." Christine giggled.

"Or an idiot," Kat laughed. "He's with me, after all."


diane said...

Women are worse than guys when it comes to how we talk about sex. But Kat and Christine kept it pretty respectable.

Winnie said...

I like catching up and joking with my sister too...I remember the times when we didn't get on but now we're more mature and it's great!

ellie said...

Its good they can share stories now. I like their sister stories.

sid and violet said...

a real genius or an idiot..hahahaha.

dapper kid said...

Hmm, wonder how to take her initial silence from Kat. I do love sitting with my brother and just talking :)

em said...

haha:) yeah i got the name ezra from the east coast band i love:)