Sunday, May 24, 2009

up the street

Parker stayed out of the way as much as possible while Emily's company was around. He helped Fish move what little there was to move into the house down the street. Really, the place was quite naked. There wasn't a kitchen table, not even living-room furniture. But Fish had his computer and of course, there was the bed and Gib's things.

"I wish every move was this easy," Parker was starting to think he had more stuff than Fish.

"Yeah, we don't even have a TV." Fish sighed. "I never liked TV until I moved here." He grinned as if he'd miss it now.

"So what did you use to do?" Parker looked at him wondering just what sort of bohemian Fish used to be.

"There was lots to do in Austin. Always the music scene. Be in a movie, watch them make a movie. You know, just being around people." He shrugged.

"You were in a movie?" Parker caught Fish off guard.

"No, not really," he just grinned.

"What does that mean, exactly?" Parker wondered just what Fish was talking about, a porno.

"If I was, it was uncredited, you know, I never got any money out of it. I might have stood in the right place at the right time. I dunno. But I love Quentin Tarantino." Fish shrugged as he went to put some dishes away. He was looking at them as if they needed to be washed again, but he decided to put them in the cupboard.

"You glad this graduation shit is coming to an end soon?" Fish changed the subject then.

"I guess," Parker unloaded some glasses out of the box, and Fish directed where they should go. "It'll be be quiet around the house soon."

"What? You mean us out of the house?" Fish gave him a bit of a cocky grin as if he knew exactly what Parker had in mind.

"Well, it looks like Emily and Archie have found a place, too. And you know, its just gonna be freaky for-for Kat." Parker nodded.

"What do you mean? You can be as loud as you want." Fish just chuckled giving Parker a sly wink.

"Yeah, I suppose, but it'll be just the two of us, you know." Parker thought that a little sad, maybe, maybe not.

"We'll come over for Sunday dinners. We will be around, probably more than she wants to see us. After all, we are only up the street." Fish shrugged. "Come on down, if you need to talk to me."

Parker just smiled. He'd have to think on that. Not anytime soon, he was sure of it.


diane said...

Parker really is unusual and deep for such a young guy. I'm glad he's not big on t.v., we don't watch it either. T.v.'s a distraction from life.
Fish was really cracking me up. He reminded me of that old episode of Monty Python with Eric Idle winking and asking the other guy if his wife was a "goer", haha.
Of all of my "car" comments, I liked your story the best. You have such an interesting family. They sound like a lot of fun.

Ivyoaks said...

Fish has a way of getting to talk about certain things. For sure.

dapper kid said...

It's weird to think of everyone moving out to their own places, and starting their 'lives', so to speak. I do hope they can furnish up the place nicely :) said...

Like the new header & colors. Cool about Fish and Bella getting a house.

dapper kid said...

What a crazy experience for your brother! I'm assuming that in the current climate more and more people are staying home, so it's pretty cool that he can have his own place :)