Saturday, July 18, 2009

after all

Kat wasn't sure what she could really tell Bella now. Perhaps she'd gone a little overboard with telling Bella she needed to get as much out of Kal as she could before Gib was born. She probably told her she should ask for a lot of child support too. After all, she was the mother wasn't that her job to remind her daughter that she needed to think of her and her baby. Naturally, she hadn't been too thrilled with Kal, anyway. She might never like him.

She was finishing up the dishes now after supper.

She told these things to Dan because he was there and well, at least she wasn't listening to him about all the things he used to do with Jace. The vacations they'd taken. His past life.

"You were only looking out for her." Naturally, he'd say what she wanted to hear.

Still, she knew Kal had a right to be happy too.

"I just didn't know she wasn't letting him see the baby." Kat shrugged. "Maybe she's scared. I'm not sure I would have handled it any better if I had been in that situation with their father when they were babies. I swear the man did not know how to change a diaper. He wouldn't even take us to McDonalds. People might look at us. He was so awful. But I remember what Bella did to him once. He had to take her to the restroom at some fast food place. Alone. The men's room, and she comes out telling everyone that she's seen her Dad's penis. Then he gets mad at me that I've taught her the word 'penis'." Kat still loved that story. It made her smile.

"I wish I'd had children," Dan sighed.

"It might have been nice to have had someone to enjoy them with. I'm not sure I completely did. Anyway, I wished I had had more fun with them. I wish I could tell Bella that, but I don't think she'd believe me. She's in her own little world. But I think its popped. I think she's getting more of an idea that she's part of the problem." Kat looked at Dan, wondering if he was her new problem.

She had a feeling he would be here for quite awhile if she let him. Parker was giving her the silent treatment about that. He'd decided Mrs. LaBarren needed help with something after dinner.


Winnie said...

Kids definitely change you completely and I think for most give people a new outlook on life. When Gib is born things could just turn around for some people!

diane said...

Kat should tell Bella everything that's on her mind, a real heart to heart. And she should tell Dan that her relationship with Parker is very new & that they need their privacy.

past the point said...

I feel kind of bad for Kat. & I just hope dan won't spoil her relationship with Parker.

sid and violet said...

I hope Kat gets Dan out of there. Soon.

simon n josh said...

I gotta wonder how this will pan out for Kat and Parker with Dan around.

the oaks said...

oh boy, it must be hard to be in Kat's shoes.