Saturday, July 4, 2009

dining out

Kat was all grins. She supposed she had to be. Really, though, she wished she'd bought something special to wear for their outing. But as it was she wore her best black dress for all occasions.

"I don't like this place," Parker told her. She could see it being too ritzy for his blood with all the modern touches of a sleek place to dine.

"I'm sure I've never been to a place quite like this, in all of my life." She just smiled as they were shown to their table.

"Believe me, this is the last time I'm ever wanting to wear a suit and tie out to dinner." Kat understood. She knew he liked his Long Island iced teas at home. Just as they got seated, Jace and Dan appeared.

Kat could hardly speak. Dan was her age. She choked on a soft laugh. Suddenly, everything was funny. She couldn't help but smile. To anyone else who didn't know them, they probably thought they were out with their two sons at dinner. He was quite suave in his attire and of course, he looked as if he jumped out of a band box. And then he told her he was a stylist, but was thinking of going back to being a hairstylist due to hard times.

"You do have some wonderful restaurants here in K.C.," Dan said. He asked if she and Parker dined a lot.

"Not often," Kat kept it low key.

"How about never." Parker admitted. She looked at him as if he wasn't suppose to say that.

"Why not?" Jace looked at both of them that it was perfectly legal.

"We entertain at home," Kat said. "Family dinners. That kind of thing."

"I love parties," Dan smiled and he touched Jace's hand which startled Kat even if she didn't want it too.

She kept telling herself over and over "I'm fine with this..I'm absolutely fine with this..."


diane said...

If Kat and Parker went out a bit, maybe Kat wouldn't be so startled by something like that. Staying home is good, but going outside of your door once in a while is better. xo

cait said...

Thanks true.

simon n josh said...

You know I love it, Cait!