Monday, July 20, 2009


"Jane, I know you're excited and all, about this whole grandpa thing, but you know, you have to be careful. Don't get mad at him if, you know, he doesn't laugh at all the stuff you do." Gordy told her who wished she hadn't wanted to wear her Easter frock that she wore to church only once, and she said then it made her itch.

"Are you sure you want to wear that?" As it was Gordy remembered barely surviving that day, but she'd wanted them all together to celebrate Easter. And now she wanted more togetherness, he thought. But he felt a bit under dress. After all, he was just wearing his baggy shorts and Lucky T-shirt with the green clover on it. And Rachel wasn't even dressed. Running around in her underwear.

Jane shook her head as if she had several outfits lined up for a style show. They were in a suitcase waiting to go.

"I'm gonna be good. Really good. Lucy will be good too." She was adamant. They had matching frocks. They were ready for pictures.

Rachel on the other hand looked as if she were ready to go back to bed. Her hair was a mess and she was wearing her black rimmed glasses as if she was some hard-nosed reporter.

"I'm coming. I'm just waiting for my top in the dryer." She looked at him that he wouldn't have to wait that long.

They were going to dinner at Kal & Rosco's house where they'd meet Gordy's father.

"Do you know if Kal and Whitney made up?" Rachel wanted to know.

"I think so." Gordy hadn't heard anything from Kal, but he supposed they had.

"Charlotte is still upset over the Derrick thing."

"What thing?" Gordy didn't know.

"He came on to her." Rachel said matter of fact. "At the library. Of all places. You know they caught an online predator right at the library."

"What's that, Mommy?" Jane tugged at Rachel, but she didn't give her an answer.

"But it wasn't Derrick?" Gordy wondered where this was going, and wondering how he was suppose to explain this to Jane. But Rachel did this to him all the time. Their life was an open book. Possibly, Jane knew too much about everything.

"No, Derrick just kissed Charlotte." Rachel shrugged, but went on to talk about the other thing that happened. " It was some guy who looked ancient, but he was only thirty-eight." Rachel remembered. "Right there in the middle of the summer reading program, and there he is on his laptop chatting up someone he thought was some 14 year old girl, but it was a police officer." She yelled the information to him while she was in the laundry room putting on her maternity top.

Gordy looked back at Rachel just in her top. He hoped she was wearing pants to this dinner.


ellie said...

Rachel is something. That's terrible what happened at the library.

past the point said...

Between Jane and Rachel, Gordy has his hands full.

diane said...

I'm still laughing at this whole episode, Just Great!!!

the oaks said...

the online preditor..interesting..Rachel is funny.

simon n josh said...

this made me laugh. Especially, Rachel's story.

cait said...

I'm glad I could give you laugh. There was an incident at a lib. close to where I live about what Rachel mentioned.

Winnie said...

The library incident is funny.