Monday, August 31, 2009

like a merry-go-around

It was all rather impromptu. No matter how many weeks were involved in getting the wedding set. Rachel hoped her wedding to Gordy never turned out like this one.

Of course, Jane and Kat's sister gave Kat away. Then Jane once again had to prance down the isle with rose petals as the flower girl when the real wedding started. Rachel knew she'd regret ever agreeing to let Jane take over the wedding like this. Of course, she couldn't tell anyone that this was going to go to Jane's head. According to Jane she thought Emily was suppose to swing down from a huge swing in the back yard to make an entrance, like a trapeze act.

"This isn't the circus, you know." Rachel informed her.

"I know. Its a wedding. You're suppose to have the baby anyway, before you get married. And Emily doesn't have one." This really got to Rachel when Jane told her this. She was certain of it now. She wanted to marry Gordy before she had their baby. Just because Jane was getting it all wrong. Wasn't she?

Of course, the worst part came when a wasp got in the daisy chain around Emily's head during the ceremony. She didn't get stung, but Archie got stung on the chin and the eyelid too. They had to go to the emergency room afterwards because Emily was afraid Archie was allergic to wasps even if he said he wasn't. His face swelled up so they didn't get too many wedding photos.

"Well, we're certainly not having our wedding in any-one's back yard," Rachel decided.

"What do you mean?" Gordy winced as if it was the first he'd heard about them having any wedding.

"I dunno." Rachel sighed as she ate shrimp cocktail as if she was pleased to have it. "I just want something real simple, you know." She looked around at all the chairs in the yard. A buffet was set out, but it wasn't a real dinner. There was nothing sit down about it. "But not this."

Jane was really putting the pressure on her. She wanted to be the flower girl at every wedding she went to now, and Lucy too.


diane said...

Hahahaha, I can't believe the wasp stung Archie! Wasps are stupid and useless.
If Rachel's not careful concerning Jane, she's going to turn out like the evil Queen in Snow White.

Cute Hubby almost died the last time he was stung by a wasp.

past the point said...

terrible about that wasp.

Winnie said...

Oh I dislike wasps, they always fly around when you're sitting around!

simon n josh said...

poor archie!

the oaks said...

that was funny when she told her it wasn't the circus.