Friday, August 28, 2009

there's nothing like you and I

Rosco wanted to tell her something she wanted to hear, but would it be enough?

He didn't know what Charlotte thought anymore.

So Emily and Archie were getting married. It seemed so far away now that Emily had wanted to marry him. And he was dumb enough to believe it then. He always thought it would remain true. The two of them together. He and Emily. Had it just been dumb luck? Was it not in the cards? What really made things happen?

Everywhere he looked things tended to fall apart, right in front of your eyes sometimes. Would it happen with Charlotte and he wouldn't even know. Maybe it was happening but he just didn't know it. He didn't like to have these fears. He shut his eyes tight not to think about them. Maybe it would go away. Haunt him on some other day.

His cell rang and he answered it as he was in the kitchen trying to drink the last of the milk. He still liked it when he got off work. He'd rather have that with five Oreo cookies than a couple of beers.

It was his Dad.

"Dad?" He was in a state of shock. Was it him? They hadn't really talked when he was here. Just too many people around he guessed.

His Dad talked up a storm about his Senior pictures. It seemed he was confused. He thought it was his Senior year of high school.

"No, I just graduated, Dad." Rosco smiled as he sat down at the kitchen table and leaned back in his chair as if he needed to unwind. "Those were taken last year. Not this year. Yeah, Mom took me to this little kid's place. It was kind of funny because all the girls that worked there really worked with me. Evidently, that don't get work with that many 17 year olds." Rosco chuckled. His dad couldn't remember how old he was, but Rosco didn't care. It was all right. He was on the phone with his dad.

"What? You really want to take me fishing labor day weekend?" That was a first. "We never went fishing? Just you and me?" Rosco was so happy he could cry. "I don't know, don't you think Gloria would want to come? Or maybe you'd want to see Gordy, or even Kal. Just me?" It made him a little nervous, but he wanted this too. He wanted to spend time with his Dad before it was too late.


Alayna Whisper said...

Thanks! I like the new layout of your blog. :)

diane said...

He really needs to have a heart 2 heart with Charlotte, what is he waiting for?

dapper kid said...

Totally agree with diane, it's not good to keep it bottled up. He has things he needs to do, and I think he needs to just take time for himself.

e.l. said...

this was so bitter sweet. especially with his Dad.

the oaks said...

Oh, I hope things are going OK for Rosco and everything.