Monday, September 28, 2009

a hard morning

Well, its just a crazy day. Rachel had decided. Now her eyes hurt. They were so red. Honestly, she felt she was seeing in special effect. The light illuminated in the lamp in the living-room. She squinted hard and that's when she realised her eyes were oozing.

She looked at the girls eyes. Theirs were red too.

"Shit!" Immediately, she told them they weren't suppose to say that. Especially in front of Gordy. "Don't tell them I said that. Please!" She went for the phone then. To call for an appointment. A few minutes later she was calling the library to tell them she might have the pink eye.

It had gotten colder too. They would need on their tights today. OK, she was putting them in jeans. No need to dress up for the doctor's office. Jane wasn't complaining, either.

"How did we get this stuff?" She was saying as she was helping them with socks and shoes. They would even need their jackets.

"Mommie's Fish has pink eyes." Lucy was proud of herself for saying such a sentence.

"No, she's not your Mommie. She's my Mommie. " Jane clarified.

"What?" Rachel squinted then and her eyes oozed. She felt as if something metal might be under her eyelids, as well.

"Fish." Jane stated.


"Fish." Lucy grinned.

"You two should be, you know. Quiet." Rachel nodded and told them to sit on the couch and not move. Just watch TV. They had an appointment in two hours. She went to call Bella then.

"Are you sick?" She asked matter of fact. Of course, Bella had to tell her all about the flu shot and then Fish having the pink eye and Gib had it, as well.

"I wish you would have told me." Rachel was in a huff. "Now the girls have it. I have it."

"They'll give you an ointment. It might be just allergies." Bella reminded her.

"I don't think so. They got it from you." Rachel was certain of it.

"Look," Bella laid into her. "You bitch if they don't come over, and you know Jane doesn't want to be here if Lucy's not here. And you always have something to say that's always my fault. Don't you?"

"Fine. Maybe we'll keep them home!" Rachel yelled back.

"Don't you start this! We have a system now. Jane is over every other Saturday." Bella informed her.

Rachel was fuming when she hung up. Some days she wanted to move with Gordy and the girls far from here. But she didn't see that happening anytime soon. She got a warm wash cloth and put it over her eyes. She needed some relief somewhere.


colin gray said...

pink eyed fish...hahahaha

maxxie and tony said...

sounds like it might be a girl fight. hope they feel better soon.

elliestories said...

my allergies have been bad too. I don't know its funny when they argue..but they are pregnant.

diane said...

Why is it, as soon as summer's over every body gets sick? Oh, for just a few more days of warm weather.

cass and cady said...

Looks like this will be trouble.