Wednesday, September 2, 2009

a little can go a long way

This was not the way Emily wanted to spend her wedding day. In the emergency room. She felt out of place in all the white walls and curtains of the emergency ward. She supposed it helped that Archie knew some of the folks that worked around there. They were all laughing. He was laughing too. Everyone was laughing but her.

She so wanted to have a fit, but she didn't. She did her best to remain as calm as possible. Some honeymoon this was going to be. His chin and eye all swelled up. At least they were going to give him a shot.

"You should be good as new in about twenty-four hours or so." The doctor said.

Emily winced at that. She supposed she was satisfied. Emily sat there thinking about her Aunt Christine telling her about a cousin that Emily hadn't seen since she was five. She was going to have a baby.

"She's not getting married until after she has the baby." Emily remembered her saying. Here Emily was married, and who really cared in her family. Her father's parents certainly didn't. Of course, her mother had gone over this with her that she'd just had a graduation.

She wasn't sure why she was expecting so much. She should have known it would be this way. She should have known anything that happened to her would never be perfect. But then she looked up and saw a girl, who was a burn victim. It was as if her face stood still. She couldn't even move her mouth. It was so surreal to witness. It was worse than any scene from a horror film.

Suddenly, Emily found herself in tears. It wasn't so much about her wedding day. But the fact that she was so weak. Really, it was true. If anyone was courageous it was the girl with the melted face. Or maybe it was Archie for having to put up with her.

"Are you all right," he asked when she stepped in the room finally.

"Yes, of course."

She asked the doctor if it would be all right if he had a milkshake, and he said that might not be a bad idea. Emily smiled. It was OK if they didn't get off to the beach today. She'd be happy with ice cream.


diane said...

Et Voila, Emily has finally grown up! I got all teary reading this one.

Jared said...

Emily seems to be know. She's my favorite, interesting, but not to deep. To a point that is. Amazing.

cass and cady said...

Yeah, she needed a wake up call and be a team player. You know, when you're married.

sid and violet said...

Well, there was some excitment. They'll remember that day. For sure.

e.l. said...

Sometimes, other people can have a powerful effect on us..and not even know it.