Friday, September 4, 2009

more sighs

"You weren't there," Rachel said to Rosco who still looked a little out of it. He had himself a plate of tatter-tots smothered in chili and cheese and was making himself comfortable in front of The Watchman.

He acted like he didn't really hear her. Thankfully, Gordy said. "You know he's been sick."

Rosco wanted to say, "I'm just sick of everything." But the didn't. Instead he told Gordy about his planned fishing trip with their Dad. He kept smiling, hoping something was true there. In all honesty it scared him to death to have to spend a weekend with his Dad. Alone.

It wasn't that he was worried that his Dad would do anything to him. It was the silence. There would be a silence because it was a struggle to think of anything to say. And here he was jabbering away. Wishing he could say, "I wish you were Dad." But he didn't.

"It'll be fun." Gordy sat down with him, ate a cheesy tatter-tot.

"I wish you were coming." Suddenly Rosco didn't feel like eating.

"Can't, gotta work." Gordy shrugged. "You guys will be fine."

"Yeah, sure." Rosco sighed.

"Want to take Jane along," Gordy laughed.

"Could we?" Rosco begged.

"No. She's a little girl. Believe me as much as she talks, the fish would run away." Gordy told him.

Rosco nodded. A good reason he wouldn't have to talk to his Dad, after all.


ellie said...

Rosco. Don't know what to think. Be bravel

diane said...

There are uncomfortable silences, and there are comfortable ones too.
Rosco may discover the latter with his father.

Anonymous said...

Hey is that movie good? I still hope he talks with his dad.

cass and cady said...

I hope he won't be too afraid of his dad.

dapper kid said...

I am sure he will be fine, I think it is one of those things you just have to do, and in hindsight won't be as bad as he thought it would be...or it could be a disaster, in which case it's an experience to learn from!