Sunday, September 6, 2009

sure enough

"What was I suppose to tell you?" Evidently, Parker was in deep shit with his Mom over this wedding. "I didn't think you cared." They were on the phone in the bedroom. Why had he called them in the first place? Had he truly lost it this time? They were in Virginia as it was, and they weren't exactly speaking to him nor his brother. They just weren't what they'd expected. Both were suppose to be in the military having a glorious officer's life. He supposed.

"I told you I was seeing someone." He'd left it at that months ago. His mother hadn't pried too much information out of him. At least he wasn't gay. Thank God. They certainly weren't speaking to Jace.

"But married. You married her?" This was unheard of, evidently. Parker listened to his mother's voice. It was if she was going to get him to therapy, this time or else. As it was, he never took any of the medication they wanted him on. It wasn't like he was a terrorist on the lose or anything. He'd never been quite as annoying as his mother had thought to believe.

"Yes, didn't I just tell you?"

"Don't you dare have that attitude with me, young man." She snapped.

"I thought you'd want to know." He didn't want her to know anymore. She might actually have a heart-attack or something if he told her the rest. He wanted to apologize for calling, but he didn't. He was finished with his family. All their tight rules and guidelines to a successful life. He hung up on her then.

Parker was glad he'd started his own family. It would never be quite as precise as the one he'd left behind.


diane said...

I am so sad for Parker. It sucks that his family had him medicated rather than understand him for who he is.
On the other hand, it sure does explain a lot. And now he's got a fresh start. Yea!

e.l. said...

ouch about his Mom. I'm glad he's not who they want him to be.

simon n josh said...

So sad for Parker, but I'm glad it didnt' stop him from marrying Kat.

Raigan said...

ugh families like that really stress me out. I'm really happy Parker is getting to start over though, that's really good! I hope he can end the cycle though, i know lots of people who say they'll never be like their parents but end up being just like em.

How is school? Hope all is well :)