Friday, September 25, 2009

what else could you do

Well, Fish would take his chances. Gib wasn't even asleep yet.

"What's gotten in to you?" Fish asked Bella who already had him in the bedroom. She was like a wild woman.

"See, I knew we shouldn't have seen Jennifer's Body. You might think you're Megan Fox now. Which you're not. You're so not. Thank God." Really, Megan Fox didn't turn him on. Not like Bella who really had a way with her hands, and well, he guessed she knew more about getting into certain positions than he ever would. Yoga must be the trick.

"So I'm still sexy?" Bella looked at him.

"God, yeah," Fish laughed a bit nervously. She kissed him and he pulled back. "You're sick aren't you? This is not about breaking your water, now is it? I'm not gonna. You have an appointment for your c-section in a couple of more weeks. So uh, you know...." He hated when she got like this. Of course, she was really almost pushy when she first found out about this pregnancy. She just couldn't get enough sex. Then. But that had waned, and he was OK with that. Especially, with getting ready for school.

He licked his dry lips, and she kissed him as if she had some sort of plan, in store. "I really think we could, you know, spoon." Fish suggested.

"Spoon?" She sounded like he'd have to go downstairs and bring up spoons for some game of tossing stuff back and forth to each other.

"I want you to be OK. And I know you aren't feeling that great. You look tired." Fish nodded.

"I do not."

"Then I'm tired." He smiled. "Really, I can't believe we went to the movie. And it wasn't that bad of a movie like all those critics said. I liked it."

"Can we not talk about the movie." Bella winced as if she was making an effort here, and he wasn't.

"Of course." He was going to stay in these briefs or else and maybe his black socks too. "Lets go to bed." He pulled back the covers, turned on the lamp next to bed. He got in on his side and waited for her as if maybe they'd take off into the night on a flying carpet perhaps.

He could tell by her quietness that she was mad. Didn't she always do this to him? She turned her back to him. Which was fine. He expected it. He turned toward her and put his hand on her belly and let it rest there til he felt the baby's foot nudging against his hand. He smiled. He was in love. Such love that didn't need so much effort. He kissed her behind the ear then. He felt her smile some how as he nuzzled next to her ear lobe.

"I love you," he whispered into her ear.


diane said...

Jennifer's Body sounds stupid - "A satanic ritual gone horribly wrong" Like Jay Leno said "How can you tell?"

I think it's good how Fish is responding to the baby. Bella doesn't know how lucky she is to have a man who will love the baby as much as her.

Raigan said...

It's so weird to me that Diablo Cody wrote Jennifer's body, it just doesn't really seem like her. But what do I know, i haven't seen it haha

Fish and Bella are adorable, that last little moment was so sweet!


cass and cady said...

Fish is so sweet.

Meg said...

Aww, the ending was so sweet.

past the point said...

She's really lucky.

the oaks said...

this was sweet.

colin gray said...

I wasn't that crazy about Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body..but I really loved Colin Gray (Kyle Gallner) in the movie..I had to start a fan fic.

Great ending! Here.