Saturday, November 14, 2009

a bitch of a day

Really, Charlotte was not a rib person. Especially, eating ribs. She thought it was suppose to be a fancy dinner. It wasn't. It was this red neck place. Out door furniture to eat on that looked as if you were in someone's kitchen. And her sides kept slipping around when she tried to dig into her potato salad and beans. She had to hold the bowl just to get enough on the fork to eat. It was a bit disgusting.

"I was so over dressed. I made Rosco wear a suit." She was so unprepared. "And we got lost finding the place. We almost got ran over going down a one way street." As Charlotte told her all this at work, she could see Rachel didn't even care. "It was an accident that we got there." Charlotte wished they'd ended up somewhere else.

"Why do you have to make a big deal about it?" Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Because, you were suppose to go." Charlotte frowned.

"Oh, grow up." Rachel didn't have time for her. "Now make some copies of this Winter reading log for the program coming up and merge that cart of new graphic novels I just catalogued." She had the next four hours set for Charlotte.

"Don't I even get a thank you?" Charlotte winced. She was so ready to quit. If it wasn't for the benefit of insurance and getting to be as creative as she wanted, Charlotte wanted to quit. Did everyone hate their job as much as she did?


diane said...

The benefit of health insurance and getting to be as creative as you want; hmmmmmm, I'd want to quit too.
I'm with Rachel, grow up Charlotte.

e.l. said...

Some days we just don't feel appreciated enough.

Ivyoaks said...

she's young.

dapper kid said...

Charlotte is kind of annoying. Well kind of being an understatement here lol.