Thursday, December 10, 2009

the blizzard

It hadn't been quite this bad since 1999, according to the local news, anyway.

This was Kat's third day home from school. Another snow day. She was delighted about that. More time for holiday baking. She'd had Jane and Lucy over for the first snow day. By the second one, Rachel stayed home with them due to all the blowing snow and drifts and subzero temps.

Of course, Parker had been fighting the drive way for the third day.

"This kind of stuff can make you old quick." She told him.

"Well, if I turn completely, gray we'll know why." He just grinned about it. As it was he'd been the only one at the library yesterday. No one was getting out in this stuff.

It was hard to remember that Parker, a few months ago, who would have just stayed in bed and hibernated. She missed that one, just a bit, but the new one had emerged as the take charge kind of guy. Or perhaps, it had all suddenly fell on him, and he figured out he'd just have to do it.

"Well, I'm making you a few extra sandwiches." She packed him a lunch. "Just in case you get stuck in a snowbank."

"Thanks, babe." He left it at that. He went out to do the morning ritual. Warm up the car.

She stayed put in the kitchen, wishing she could go out there and help, but she had to do her part too. Stay out of the way. And wonder...... if she could make do with what was on hand until a thaw came and she could do real grocery shopping.


diane said...

Women always know how to make due. If there's pasta and a few canned goods in the house, we can cook for a week. That is, so long as the men don't eat it all in one day.

Hang in there kiddo, only 4 months to go till spring.

elliestories said...

hahahaha..oh, doesn't sound nice there at all.

dapper kid said...

I so wish it would snow already here in London, we seem to be having a rather warm winter to be honest. I love snow, even if it does cripple the city!

ellie said...

Yeah, we've been having plenty of snow days here too. Wish they were more fun.

a degrassi moment said...

Its been so terrible this week. So much snow. I didn't think we were going to get any.

Winnie said...

Ah the sandwiches were sweet! I can't wait for snow!