Saturday, February 27, 2010

a world within a world

Gordy had a son. Well, he would have been just as happy with a girl, but here they had a son and nothing male, what so ever, to put him in. Even the overalls were pink in these parts. Rachel hadn't been sweet or nice enough with the ladies at the library to be showered with an all boy shower.

He didn't know what the deal was exactly with her. As it was, it wasn't about her, at all. It was about a boy. Their boy.

Naturally, Gloria, his father's girlfriend brought a basket of diapers. She wanted them to be good to the earth (Rachel snarled up at that who only wanted Huggies). People his mother worked with brought gifts too. Then Serena and Floyd took over with the food. There were cupcakes and casseroles. Something for anyone who dropped in the next week.

But of course, Whitney and Charlotte were waiting there for Rachel when she got home. Of course, she gave them all a look that she didn't want anyone to see her in this condition.

"You're still upset with the name, aren't you?" That was the only thing on his mind. She didn't like it. He didn't want to be in an uproar about this. Not now. Not after the long hours he'd been through already, just to stay awake more to take care of the baby while she slept.

"Can you quit talking about it." She promised she'd get used to it.

"Well, what sort of name did you want for our son?" Gordy was confused. She didn't give him any hints at the time of the name calling. And for months he'd mention names like Caleb.Tyler. Pierce. Chad. Brad. Roman. Dakota. There would be no Juniors or Seconds. Gordy had taken his mother's last name after all. Nothing. Just nothing.

Of course, Jane and Lucy liked Barney. They loved Barney from HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. Rachel hated that name because she said it made her think of Barney Fife from the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW. No Barney at there house.

"Couldn't it be something simple like, Ben." Rachel finally let slip after the presents and the food and all the oohs and awes over a baby that almost weighed nine pounds and was twenty-three inches long. This fact lead to a heavy discussion from Whitney who thought Rachel might have been diabetic. Naturally, one more thing that didn't set well with Rachel.

But back to Ben being the better name.

"Well, of course not." Gordy grinned. "Grady is a great name."


diane said...

In the end, we choose our own name. It doesn't matter if the parents like it.

elliestories said...

that was cute that the girls wanted to name him Barney.

Holly said...

just when you think maybe rachel has changed..she hasn't.

Tyson K said...

Just passing through! I see on your profile though that you like indie music, you might enjoy my blog...

ellie said...

Grady is a cool name.

ivy's closet said...

This was sweet.