Wednesday, February 9, 2011

never ending

"No, you wouldn't," Gordy said into his cell to his brother Rosco while he was putting a pamper on the baby. At least the other two were now full fledged potty trained. It really was the little things that he savored in his life these days. Like when he knew the old smoke detectors still worked in his mother's house. Definitely, by spring, they had to put in new windows. Otherwise, they might never manage the heating bills. "What are you saying? You don't even know if you need antidepressants?" He got back to his brother's foolishness.

"I'm just saying, someone has to do something." His brother was being vague.

"Well, has she..." He didn't want to ask if Charlotte had tried to hurt herself. If Rachel got wind of this, she'd spaz, for sure. And really, she needed to rest. She had a very bad cold at the moment. She was in bed, asleep. "Look, just see if you can get her to find someone to talk to about all this. I thought the library was providing counseling in the aftermath of this."

"Its the City." Rosco clarified. "I can't get her to go. She's afraid they'll think she's crazy."

"But its confidential." Gordy wasn't sure he got the reasoning, but this was Charlotte they were talking about. He knew she was fragile, yet in some ways, she'd endured so much with Rachel. It was just Rachel wouldn't be any good at helping Charlotte right now. She'd been furious about what happened to Parker. Of course, she wasn't there the day it all went down at the library. She was fussing with some pre-school teacher about Jane.

Rachel seemed to think Jane was a genius. She'd caught her writing bad words on paper which was not acceptable to the teacher. Gordy knew he should have stepped in when he did, but he was busy at work. Couldn't they see, it was just a little breakthrough, when Jane found out she could write the word poop... well, she wanted to learn how to spell other words. He knew Jane didn't mean to be bad, yet one bad word had made all the difference in her spelling vocabulary.

Yes, they had their own little problems, nothing major. Just growing pains, he guessed.


ellie said...

Oh, Jane.

meg said...

I love Gordy. Best big brother, ever.

Through My Eyes said...

the idea of anti depressants scare me.