Saturday, June 25, 2011

thats where it goes

"Are you telling me," Archie wondered why he asked. He could see it on Emily's face. "You want to move back?"

True they'd had a bit to drink. They'd danced at the little club and it had been good times with Charlotte and Rosco. They didn't have friends like this back in Omaha. They were all alone there. Their neighbors were old. He didn't know anyone their own age to go out with. They were far from this friendly atmosphere. No Gordy and Floyd to watch sing to their hearts content.

"I dunno." Emily seemed full of a sad emotion of some kind. Obviously, he was not enough. Yet, she hung on to him as if she wouldn't survive the night without him. "I want to stay close, you know. I want to have friends."

"I know." It sounded like a shouting match now as they were near the bathrooms at the bar, but the music was loud and pumping the walls. She kissed him as if he was important to her. He couldn't forget that. Finally, they made it back to the others and Charlotte thought they should end the night at the all night dinner.

"I'm hungry for pie." Her toothy grin was endearing. Archie couldn't say no to that. Next thing he knew they were in the late night lights of the diner, a few blocks from the club.

"Maybe Rosco and I can come up to see your place." Charlotte suggested over hot coffee and a piece of cherry pie she shared with Rosco. Archie and Emily split a piece of chocolate silk pie.

"Yeah, that would be great." Archie sighed. He wanted to think what the four might do, not getting through this night back at Emily's parents. He gritted then looking at the Motel 6 across the way. He'd so much rather be with Emily there than her old room even if they had lived their for months..not so long ago. He took another bite of the creamy pie.

"We'd invite you over, but the place is so tiny." Charlotte admitted then. She looked at Rosco as if they were just too pathetic.

"Maybe you guys need to move to Omaha. You could stay with us, if that would help...until you found something." Archie offered.

Rosco just smiled and ate a cherry then. Yeah, Archie got the impression they were in their on little stale mate too. It was hard to figure out progress, sometimes.


meg said...

sweet update!!

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Maybe they can help each other out.

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I'm glad these guys can be friends.

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I like the update, and the photo it was really nice?

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