Saturday, June 25, 2011

thats where it goes

"Are you telling me," Archie wondered why he asked. He could see it on Emily's face. "You want to move back?"

True they'd had a bit to drink. They'd danced at the little club and it had been good times with Charlotte and Rosco. They didn't have friends like this back in Omaha. They were all alone there. Their neighbors were old. He didn't know anyone their own age to go out with. They were far from this friendly atmosphere. No Gordy and Floyd to watch sing to their hearts content.

"I dunno." Emily seemed full of a sad emotion of some kind. Obviously, he was not enough. Yet, she hung on to him as if she wouldn't survive the night without him. "I want to stay close, you know. I want to have friends."

"I know." It sounded like a shouting match now as they were near the bathrooms at the bar, but the music was loud and pumping the walls. She kissed him as if he was important to her. He couldn't forget that. Finally, they made it back to the others and Charlotte thought they should end the night at the all night dinner.

"I'm hungry for pie." Her toothy grin was endearing. Archie couldn't say no to that. Next thing he knew they were in the late night lights of the diner, a few blocks from the club.

"Maybe Rosco and I can come up to see your place." Charlotte suggested over hot coffee and a piece of cherry pie she shared with Rosco. Archie and Emily split a piece of chocolate silk pie.

"Yeah, that would be great." Archie sighed. He wanted to think what the four might do, not getting through this night back at Emily's parents. He gritted then looking at the Motel 6 across the way. He'd so much rather be with Emily there than her old room even if they had lived their for months..not so long ago. He took another bite of the creamy pie.

"We'd invite you over, but the place is so tiny." Charlotte admitted then. She looked at Rosco as if they were just too pathetic.

"Maybe you guys need to move to Omaha. You could stay with us, if that would help...until you found something." Archie offered.

Rosco just smiled and ate a cherry then. Yeah, Archie got the impression they were in their on little stale mate too. It was hard to figure out progress, sometimes.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The future

"We should do something...since you're here." Charlotte knew it was a last minute thing, but Emily was in town. And how long could they long over a sleeping baby at Emily's parents. Charlotte had found Emily in the nursery.

"God, yes, lets get out of here." Emily physically took Charlotte's hand. This was strange. Obviously, they weren't exactly close. After all, Charlotte lived with Emily's ex-boyfriend. "What do you have in mind?"

"Well," Charlotte knew she had to be pleasant and full of surprises. "You want to go to a club?"

"What club?" Emily almost laughed.They met the guys downstairs.

"I hear Floyd's got a band." Charlotte told her.


"Yeah, he and Gordy have been playing together. Just the two of them. Its not really a club, but kind of. Its dark. People play pool there." She smiled then with a shrug.

"Gordy's in a band?" Emily looked as if she didn't believe her.

"They get together ever so often. Its not a paying gig, but no one boos them, off the stage." Charlotte couldn't stop smiling about it.

"What about Rosco, when is he going to play for us?" Emily looked at Rosco then who had been talking to Archie downstair. He looked at her with his eyes wide shut.

"What are you two talking about?" He squinted then as he reached for his keys.

"Just about you, babe." Charlotte grinned more as she leaned into him. "Wondering when you'll play with Gordy and Floyd."

"As soon as I can find that guitar in that mess of ours." He peered at her.

"He's just not a scruffy as I remember." Emily laughed as she put her arm around Charlotte.

"Ha, ha..very funny, Em." Rosco pursed his lips.

"Come on, lets go." Charlotte was trying her best to have a good-time here. No need to bring up how Rosco used to be.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

oh no

Emily couldn't quite calm down even with her mother around and her baby brother too. He was sleeping like a little angel. Emily couldn't help but want to touch his tiny fingers. Really, it tugged at her heart that maybe..she'd want one of her own. But she wanted to shake that feeling. Not now.

"Maybe, I shouldn't have come." She felt breathless in fact. She'd only seen her father for a moment, and she could hardly take it. A panic attack was brewing. Emily pulled and her hands, but hugged herself then as she sat on her mother's bed.

"Don't say that, its good to see you. You, just missed your sister." Her Mom put her arm around her.

"Are, you, all right?" Emily looked up at her Mom. She had to be the strongest woman Emily ever knew, but it was hard to tell her this. Even now.

"Of course, everything is fine." She seemed OK that her father was back.

"You don't love him, or anything, do you?" Emily had to know. Her mom couldn't. She wouldn't. Not now. But her mother didn't say anything. Her arm dropped from Emily and a bit of emotion went from confident to sad. Her mother looked away as if Emily needed to guess.

"There will always be a part of me that loves him." Her mother winced. "I have you two to thank him."

"Mom!" Emily felt a bit shattered. "No,'t do this now." Emily felt her voice falter. "You can't. You won't. You don't need him. You never have." Emily gritted. She stood up as soon as she'd made the baby flinch.

"Well, maybe...he needs me." Her mother's words were barely there.

Emily felt herself sink into tears. God, if her mother remarried her father....Emily couldn't bare to think it possible.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

just a visit

Archie drove Emily down to her Mom's for the weekend. It looked less of winter here. Just bits of ice and snow on the ground, not like the ice tundra they'd came from. Just a real vacation, he supposed. But not by much. It was cold. Oh, so cold.

Maybe it was more than the weather he felt. It seemed Emily was changing. More quiet. Possibly, even evil.

"Just don't do anything you'll regret." He looked at her and held on to the steering wheel, white knuckled.

"I won't." But she didn't promise anything. She looked simple in her gray T and his slouchy cardigan. She was in her black converses and skinny jeans. Not a bit of makeup on. How would anyone know who she was?

They pulled up in the driveway and got out. She looked at the suburban house as if she hadn't been in it for years. When they got to the door, her father opened it. His smile was irritating, but Archie did his best not to think on it. After all, they'd never met.

Instantly, her dad went through the duties of shaking her hand. He hugged both of them as if all was forgotten. It was as if Emily might be his favorite.

"How's the weather up there?" He made it sound they'd just came from Alaska instead of Nebraska.

"A good bit more snow on the ground." Archie nodded.

Of course, Emily didn't stay to talk, she ran upstairs to see her baby brother.

"Well, she hasn't changed much." Her dad just said as he motioned Archie to come to the kitchen. There were cold cuts out. Chips and dips too. Someone was trying to make an effort. Could it be her Dad?

"Oh, Em's going through some changes." Archie grinned. "You know, its not easy being a newlywed."

"Right." Bart nodded. "Does she cook?"

"Some." Usually, it was the frozen meals that came in a bag, but Archie wasn't complaining. "We cook together, a lot. Mostly weekends."

"She never cooked here. She'd cut some boy's hair, constantly, it seemed. I can just bet they were messing around. She tell you about him?" Bart winced.

"I believe she did." Archie would prefer to make his sandwich than speak of Emily's old boyfriends.

"She was a weird little girl." Bart sighed.

"Well, then, she thought of you as a weird old Dad." Archie bit into a slice of pepperoni and smiled. There was no need to charm him. After all, Archie knew who's side he was on.

Monday, February 21, 2011

strange thoughts

Kal wished Whitney hadn't brought up the cold meds. Of course, it was she who had found them. Wondered, if something was up. OK, he was there when it happened. A minute, was all it would have taken to dispose of the evidence. He was meaning to.

He couldn't dare tell her that he still had these experiment.

He wondered if Whitney knew. The real him. She was bound too. But she'd thought it was Rosco who had done such a needy thing, crunch the over the counter meds in a little glass cup that she used for cooking.

Kal had forgot about it..until now. Why did he even bring it up. No. She did. Didn't she?

He didn't want to think what he was, what he could become. Everyone had their own little didn't they? He was happy that both of his kids had turned out perfectly. Now that was over, why couldn't he have some fun..again. Experimenting.

Whitney had scared him that one time about the story on the news with the 'bath salts' how maybe it was some sort of cocaine that did bad things to the brain. Some college student had slit his throat in front of his parents. It disgusted Kal so. He was not like that. He wasn't.

He kissed Whitney then. Hoped he'd never think about such stupid shit, again. He hadn't bought any drugs in a long time. He wasn't going too. Especially, with the baby in the house. He loved his wife. He cherished this life. And yet an ugliness prevailed inside him. Sometimes, he just had to get away from the humdrum of life.