Tuesday, April 29, 2008

on the fringe of everyday

Maybe it wasn't her best idea. Maybe she was just crazy. Suddenly. But then maybe Gordy knew that already. Maybe it wouldn't be a big deal if she brought Rosco along with her.

Actually, Gordy looked too tired to care when she dropped off her mother's taco casserole.

"Pardon my French, Gordy, but you really do look like shit," she told him when she found him on his couch in the basement, watching TV.

"Well, thank you very much." He did look sleepy. "Its been quite a party lately with Jane here." He faked a smile while Jane ran to tackle Rosco's leg. He just looked down at her, not sure what to do. He finally patted her on the head as if she were a good doggie.

"You should have called me," she told him. "I would have watched her." Emily told him putting the casserole in his fridge which wasn't a kitchen, but he did have a microwave and a sink.

"I know you would have, but you shouldn't have too," Gordy sighed. "So what have you two been up too?" He looked at Rosco then then back at the TV as if thats where reality was.

"Not that much." Rosco shrugged.

"Well, it doesn't take much." Gordy yawned.

"I guess B and Kal are still in Austin." Emily plopped herself down next to Gordy and Rosco sat next to her then Jane climbed up in Rosco's lap as if he was her new favorite person. Gordy kept his arms cross.

"I don't really need to know where they are, you know." Gordy nodded.

"Sorry." Emily gave Gordy a pat on the arm. "You just look really down, whats the matter?"

"Its nothing." Gordy wouldn't look her in the eye.

"What happened? You're not mad at me, are you?" She touched the hair on the back of his head and he moved away with a shiver.

"Nothing is wrong, I'm just fine. Everything is fine." He sighed.

"How about I take Jane for the night. Mom would love to see her," Emily said. "You could be alone. Get some rest. And she's already made friends with Rosco." Emily leaned back and smiled at Rosco, then let Jane play with her fingers.

"Maybe, I don't want to be alone." Gordy squinted in a bit of a huff.

"Ok, then, we'll stay." Emily looked at Rosco who just gave her a blank look.

"No, I'd rather you go. Just go. I just think its best that-" Gordy got off the couch then, went and got himself a bottle of water from the fridge.

Emily looked at his old gray sweat pants he wore. His ugly green shirt should have been trashed ages ago, she thought she'd seen him in this outfit the last time she was here.

"No, what you should do. You should go out. Call Floyd. Go to a club." Emily got up then. "We'll, stay here. We'll clean up. Do the laundry. Take Jane to Mcdonald's."

"I don't think so-"

"Yes, you're going." She snatched up Gordy's cell phone from the crack in the cushion and called Floyd.

"Don't do that." Gordy squinted hard then as if he might have the worst headache ever. "I need sleep."

"No, you've slept enough, Gordy." And Emily was going to do something about it.


Ivy said...

aw...gordy. luv him.

The Bleeding Rose said...

Nice. Keep writing.

getting-freaky said...

whaahaha, Me?! on film.
Thank you!!