Monday, April 28, 2008

finding the light

Bella thought the soup tasted like nothing at the New Light place. It was all vegetables, and there was plenty of it.

"Try some of this." The middle age hippy woman with stringy gray hair gave Bella a bowl of chopped onions, celery and green peppers to top the soup. Bella would have loved to have some cheese.

Kal broke off a piece of bread and handed it to her to dip in the soup. He seemed to be enjoying himself, telling them all about his old band and how he thought he needed a change and that was why he'd came to Austin.

Bella kept quite, sprinkled the chopped veggies on her soup and managed to eat. She was famished. She wanted to eat and leave. They were out of their element. For starters, no one wore shoes. Couldn't Kal see this just a tad odd?

She chewed the bread as well. A part of her was sick of this. This was just not right. How could Kal be so happy. She just didn't understand.

The stringy haired hippy woman noticed Bella wasn't feeling well. She brought her a remedy of some kind that Bella hoped she was supposed to rub on her throat instead of drink. They kept insisting she drink, all of it from the little brown bottle. She hesistated for the longest time, but Kal told her to try it. What would it hurt?

So she did. It was the root of something, according to one of the women. It tasted more like a thick tobacco juice that had been ferminting in a frog's belly.

Bella gagged thinking she might throw up the soup too. They lead her down the hall to a candle lit room with a mat on the floor. She laid down, and they took off her shoes.

It was a bit scary to take in the faces. They felt more like ghosts than real people, and she wanted them to go away, but they didn't.

Instead the hippy woman rubbed her feet. Initially, this made Bella nervous. She wanted Kal, but they wouldn't try to understand, and she could hear someone in the next room with a guitar. It must have been Kal because the tune sounded almost familar, yet it had been awhile since she'd heard him play.

She felt quite dizzy on the floor. All she wanted was to go to sleep and her throat to stop hurting so everything else would too. But she could feel someone rubbing her temples, and it was just hard to stay calm. Even if she heard them say over and over, "You must be calm."

"Where's Jane?" She jerked up on her elbows. She wanted Jane. Didn't they see she needed to see Jane. She couldn't stay here. She wouldn't stay here. She needed Jane.


The Bleeding Rose said...

o_o Scary. Keep writing.

Tabbi said...

thanks for the comment! i like your blog. saludos =)