Friday, April 18, 2008

out there somewhere

Bella wasn't sure she trusted Kal's burgers out on the charcoal grill. Basically, this had been one big camping trip they'd been on. He was so sure he could find something in Dallas with his music, but now they'd moved on to Austin.

"It has to be very well done. For me, anyway." Normally, she didn't even eat meat, but it hadn't exactly been a vegan's vacation. When all said in done, it was cheaper to get a dollar burger from the value menu. Perhaps thats what made her feel so shitty.

"Aw, nothing like a good juicy rare burger, Babe." He was standing there in the smoke out by grill. All she really wanted was a room with a hot shower, but she didn't see that coming tonight or in the next few days. They were sleeping out under the stars.

Finally, she took the burger on two pieces of white bread. She savored the moment of having something hearty to eat instead of a peanut-butter sandwich. Maybe she would really sleep tonight.

It hadn't been easy adjusting to the road. For the most part she slept when Kal drove and couldn't sleep a wink at night, especially, last night when they camped in a tent not too far off the highway. It was down right scary, but now he said they were safe in a state park.

"You can rest easy, Babe." He kept telling her, and she did want to sleep after she ate the burger.

"Thanks." She had done her best not to complain. Besides, she'd chosen to be with him, but sometimes, she really thought Gordy would have been a better choice when it came to a dark night like this, alone in the wilderness. She wasn't so sure if Kal could save her from anything.

Finally, she crawled into her sleeping bag. She just wanted to be left alone. Her body ached from all the walking, then the driving and in the end, not ending up anywhere. She didn't dare ask what they'd do next. She'd wait and hope she wouldn't hate Kal soon.

It wasn't long til she drifted off to sleep, but then she found herself having to watch Gordy with someone else. Delia, the whorish girl from cosmetics at Walgreens. He was seeing Delia. He was kissing Delia. Even Jane was letting Delia hold her. They were laughing. Laughing possibly at Bella. And then Bella saw it. Delia was fat. With child.

Bella woke in a sweat. Her heart was racing. She picked up her cell and punched in Emily's number. Of course, she didn't pick up, but Bella left her a message. "Don't let Gordy near Delia!" She tried to say, but she wasn't sure she said anything at all. She thought she'd lost her voice.

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