Saturday, April 19, 2008

more than a haircut

If there was one thing Emily loved about Rosco, it was the feel of his dark hair between her fingers. She was fortunate enough to cut his hair. Not that she was certified or anything, but she knew what he wanted, an edgy flip hairstyle. And she could do it. For free.

He seemed rather out of it, though. Basically, he was a shy guy and to get him up to her room was perhaps a feat in itself, but some how being his so-called personal hairstylist had at least given her a chance to be his friend if nothing else.

"I broke up with Brook." He finally told her, sleepily as he sat there in front of her dresser with the huge mirror in her hello kitty bedroom.

"Really?" She hoped she didn't sound thrilled. She knew there was no chance of them(Emily & Roscoe) really getting together. After all, his older brother Kal was with her sister Bella. They were practically family according to Rosco. "That's just so bad." But she didn't mean it, she hated Brook who was snooty and way too popular for her own good at school. Always had been and Emily didn't understand it.

"I always knew she was into girls, but I just thought she was using it to be popular, you know." Roscoe then told her.

"Oh, well, I always thought she was fake," Emily then said as she snipped away at his bangs.

"She's not a fake." Emily looked at his bangs, horrified. Perhaps she'd cut them too short. Shit, she said to herself.

"I'm so sorry. Really, I am, Rosco. You guys were tight. I know." She sighed, squinting, thinking he'd never let her touch his locks, again. She swept the bangs over to one side. Damn she was good. Perfection. She breathed easy then.

She put down her scissors then and went to massage his tense shoulders. "If there's anything I can do, let me know. I'm really there for you." She breathed into his ear then. He touched her forearm. And out of instinct, she somehow managed to get in his lap and began to find his lips with her own.

At first it was awkward, but within seconds it felt better. It just got better, and she could feel him go hard beneath her. She smiled to herself. Really, she had no idea she could do it. That she had the courage to go this far.

Had he any idea how long she'd waited for this moment?