Sunday, May 11, 2008

lovely, just lovely

Gordy was pretty sure he was possibly the worst date ever, but then what could he say about Floyd to make him look good.

"Something came up," he told Serena who was waiting for him at the bistro. "Sorry about that." He took a seat.

"Its OK, I really wasn't expecting him, or even you." She nodded looking at her menu.

"Again, I'm really sorry about this, you know. I just thought he'd do the right thing." He sighed.

"Maybe he did." She smiled.

"Then I guess we both know the same Floyd." He smiled back.

"So you eat here much?" He wondered.

"Not so much." She shook her head, no.

"I was hoping you'd know what would be good," he looked over the menu wondering if he could afford something.

"I hear they have excellent fish."

"Fish?" He shook his head, no. "Not much into fish."

"I see," she smiled. "Well, perhaps a burger will do. They have those."

"If you want the fish, then we should have fish." He'd take a chance. He just remembered he was giving this bill to Floyd. "And we shall have wine." But then he didn't know if red or white went better with fish.

Thankfully, the waiter recommended the correct wine. Serena just smiled at him.

"I can't drink too much," he then said. "I might fall asleep on you."

"Do you have a problem?" Serena asked.

"Just a kid and a grave yard shift." He gave her a quick smile that faded soon. He noticed her dress then. It was one of those little black dresses with the black bow at the bosom. She really looked beautiful with her olive skin and dark brown hair. And then he stared into her eyes. One was practically black and the other practically silver. Why hadn't he noticed before?

"Well, you look really good with that kind of stress. I took you as a nine to five kind of guy," she told him. " You know, one that works at a bank, perhaps."

"Aw, now that would be lovely." He assured her.

"How old is your little one?"

"Two in June. Of course, she thinks she's twenty-two half the time. She has an aunt who wants to doll her up in ballerina outfits. That's who Jane is with right now." He told her.

"I'd very much like to meet Jane." She smiled.

Finally the wine came along with bread. Maybe this would suffice til dinner came.


Kira Fashion said...

thanks a lot for passing friend!

a kiss and a hug for you!!!

Cady Lola Cep said...

Now that is just not fair. I want Serena's eyes!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!

Okay, just had to let that out . . . ennywhoo . . . I like where this is going. Keep it up.

Cate said...

i think gordy makes a really good date. ah, i think i'll do a post again today or tomorrow ^^

ellie said...

gordy is sweet.