Monday, May 12, 2008

on Gordy's couch

"Do you think Gordy we'll know what we just did on his couch?" Emily laid next to Rosco, her skin next to his.

"I don't think so. We could wash the blanket, you know." He told her. Then he went in for a kiss. She really didn't feel like washing clothes at the moment.

"Well, Jane is asleep." Emily went on to say as if that mattered. "And it would have been so much worse if we'd been in Gordy's bed. We'd be in the same room with Jane."

"Yeah, that would be so wrong," His hand was cupped one breast and his chin rested near the other.

"Don't make fun of me. I have no desire to be in the same bed where my sister once slept." She told him.

"Possibly, they did the same thing we're doing right now on this very spot." He gave her a little smile.

"OK, maybe they did." She sighed. "But, I just couldn't. And we probably shouldn't have."

"But you know you wanted too." He reminded her.

"I know."

"It was your idea."

"OK." She didn't want to hear anymore about it. It was comfy here. She wished they could stay here. Forever.

"Were you always planning to have sex with me?" He asked out of the blue and her eyes lit. This was awkward. What would she say? No, actually, it was Gordy she'd been waiting for out of some personal revenge, she guessed. But then Rosco came along.

"Of course." She stroked his thick bangs then. "I couldn't ask for anything better." Really, she wasn't a mean person. She just went about doing things differently than her sister. She'd actually been on the pill over a year. Just in case. And still she really wanted to be married before all was said and done, but things change. Although, she didn't want things to change with him.

"When do you think we'll get a place of our own?" She then asked out loud. She didn't want to live with his Mom and she didn't want to live with her parents.

"Not anytime soon." The predictable answer.

"I know that." She wanted to dream though. Couldn't he dream with her. "I want to live in a loft over a book store. Maybe. You know, in the heart of the old market. Something like that."

"Yeah, that would be nice." But she knew he wasn't thinking it. He wasn't taking this serious. But he reached up and kissed her worries away. "We should do it again, " he then suggested bring her up in his arms. "But in the shower this time. Then we better get dressed cause Gordy might be home sooner than you think."

She felt sad then, thinking of Gordy with that handicap girl. Had he lost all ability to find a real date? She didn't want to think that way. But she wanted him to be happy. How could he possibly be happy with someone like that?

She Frenched Rosco then. She definitely didn't think he could wait for the shower.


Kira Fashion said...


thanks A lot for bein so sweet!

a kiss!!!

Winn said...

The British are strange creatures, we have hot cups of tea even at the hottest times of the year. I like your blog- very different from anything I've ever come across. Great Story telling, I will have to read more when I get more time off from Exams!